Board of Trustees Approves Equipment for Business and Industry Center

December 6, 2016 |

Programs housed in the new East Central College Business and Industry Center will soon have state-of-the-art equipment, after the Board of Trustees approved four recommendations at the December 5 meeting.

Three FlexMation II Robotic Systems Trainers from Rixan Associates and one LabVolt Pumps Training System from Innovative Education Systems were approved for purchase for the Industrial Engineering Technology Program.

“This equipment will deliver valuable, hands-on experience to our students,” said East Central College president Dr. Jon Bauer. “Plus, 75 percent of the cost is being reimbursed to the college through the state of Missouri’s Vocational Enhancement Grant program.”

Additionally, ten multiprocess welders from The Lincoln Electric Company and five TIG welders from OzarcGas Equipment and Supply were approved for purchase. The machines will be used by the Center for Workforce Development, Industrial Engineering Technology Program and the HVAC Program. They will be partially funded with USDA grant monies with the balance also reimbursed through Vocational Enhancement Grant funds.

“The new welding lab in the Business and Industry Center will provide short-term workforce training and support of other academic programs,” said Dr. Bauer. “We know from employers that a skilled workforce is the most critical need they face.  Our responsibility is to produce graduates who can meet this demand and contribute to raising the economic trajectory of our region.”

The purchase of Argon and Carbon Dioxide tanks and cylinders from Airgas was also approved for purchase at the meeting.

Three personnel recommendations were also accepted by Board of Trustees members. Dr. Djemoui Bouzidi will join the Physics Department as an instructor, Michelle Branton will start her role as Director of Developmental Education and Eric Clapper will become an Academic Advisor in January.