Dr. Bauer: “Yes” to Snow Days

Dr. Bauer: “Yes” to Snow Days

December 4, 2020 |

East Central College President Dr. Jon Bauer addressed faculty, students, and staff Friday to state there still will be snow days at the college, even though working and learning remotely has become easier.

The following is Dr. Bauer’s message and a reminder to sign up for ECC’s alert notification system:

Will we have snow days? Yes!

As winter weather arrives,  we need to prepare for those days when snow and ice make getting out dangerous. Some institutions have elected to extend their remote learning to what would otherwise be a snow day. I understand those decisions and know we have learned how to work and learn remotely over the past several months.

While I’m confident we could do that effectively if needed on snowy days this winter, we have also learned over many, many years that we can make up the time lost to snow.  We also know that a snow day for those with kids at home can mean another level of stress regarding child care. That problem is alleviated when we have a snow day. Finally, we know that many activities cannot simply be flipped over to Zoom or online. On days when it is unsafe to be on the roads, those classes, labs, and other activities are postponed in any event.

Work, flexibility, adaptability, and resilience are important values to model. I also understand the importance of balance, the need to unplug and un-Zoom, and the benefit provided by an unexpected day off.

So yes, we will have snow days.

As a reminder, sign up for ECC Alert to get notices regarding inclement weather. We will also use social media and St. Louis television to get the word out.

As in years past, there may be days when we utilize a late start instead of a full cancellation. Moreover, while we try to keep decisions consistent between Union and Rolla, there are occasions when the weather at the two locations is quite different. We will specific “all locations” or one, depending on circumstances.

Click here to sign up for ECC’s Alert system, Omnilert, or to check your status.