ECC Rolla Tutoring Services Lead to Student Success

ECC Rolla Tutoring Services Lead to Student Success

March 10, 2022 | ,

Tutoring services at East Central College in Rolla are easy to sign up for, offered for a variety of subjects, and really help students succeed.

That’s according to Chrizma Boswell, a first-year student at ECC, who has used the tutoring service.

“The process to sign up was super easy. I knew about tutoring through the weekly emails we get, and the information is on Canvas,” Boswell said. “I just called and made an appointment.”

Boswell, of Newburg, explained that she was failing an online history class. It was her first semester of college and she didn’t know how to study or take tests for online classes. After attending tutoring sessions with tutor Kirby Moreland, however, she was able to turn her grade completely around.

“I went from failing history to getting an A in the class and it was my highest percent grade,” she said. “Kirby was really nice and friendly and helped me so much.”

Boswell mentioned that Moreland often in the library and she can just go in and ask for assistance.

Moreland said Boswell is a bright student, she just needed to learn how best to study.

“Helping students figure out how to find the information they need is sometimes more helpful than giving them the actual information,” said Moreland.

“My favorite part about tutoring is that moment when I can see the understanding sink in for a student — a few sessions in, I got to see this in Chrizma,” he added. “I made study suggestions and she actually used them which ended up helping her a great deal.”

Boswell wants other students to take advantage of the excellent tutoring services on campus.

“I 100 percent recommend tutoring to other ECC students. I don’t just get tutoring because I’m not doing well in a class, but also for classes that I’m doing okay in but just want a boost in my grade,” Boswell commented.

“I feel like people are afraid to get tutoring because they feel embarrassed, but it is so helpful,” she noted. “You have a teacher who is going to teach you the same way all year round, and then you have a tutor who can show you a way to better understand it.”

To inquire about tutoring services at ECC-Rolla, visit ECC Rolla Student Success Center & Tutoring, call 573-466-4080 or email

Students ca receive one hour of tutoring per day in Math, Biology, Microbiology and/or Chemistry. Tutoring options include:

  • In-Person,
  • Rolla Tutor Chat,
  • Zoom or phone sessions, and
  • Group study sessions.