Homeschool Day is March 25 at ECC in Union and Rolla

Homeschool Day is March 25 at ECC in Union and Rolla

March 10, 2022 | ,

East Central College is inviting homeschooled students to the Union and Rolla locations to let them know what the college has to offer, including dual enrollment opportunities.

Megen Strubberg, director of early college and admissions, said there are many avenues for homeschoolers to earn college credit while still taking high school-level classes.

“ECC is a great option for homeschool students to get a jump on their college coursework,” she said. “That’s why we are inviting them to campus to talk about the programs we have and show them around.”

Strubberg added that once homeschool students complete their high school studies, there is an easy transition to attend ECC full-time.

ECC Homeschool Day is Friday, March 25, in Union and Rolla. The locations and times are:

  • Union, Health & Science Building, Room 100, 2-4 p.m.
  • Rolla, Rolla Technical Center, Room 121, 9-11 a.m.

To RSVP for the event, people may email

For more information or with questions, call ECC in Union at 636-584-6588, or ECC in Rolla at 573-466-4100.

Strubberg added that students do not need to bring anything with them that day, and they will be given information on how to start their college journey at ECC.

Dual Enrollment

Strubberg explained that many in the community may not be aware that they can take college-level courses before completing their high school studies, and through ECC, students can explore more rigorous coursework while doing so.

“Homeschool students work right alongside adult students and other dual enrollment high school students,” she further explained. “Students interested in STEM-related (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields sometimes crave the increased rigor of upper-level math and science course content — it helps to be a part of a community of students going through that same experience.”

Parents of current and former students enrolled in ECC courses commented on how seamless the enrollment process is, and the benefits of dual enrollment.

Parent Testimonies

Jennifer Schneider, the mother of two ECC graduates who were homeschooled, saw many benefits to her children taking courses at ECC as they took high school-level courses.

“They get challenged and encouraged and it is a huge motivator to allow your student to succeed in a college environment while still at home,” she said.

Schneider, of Washington, said it was simple for her children to enroll in courses and the ECC staff was incredibly helpful navigating them through the process.

“I only wish we would have learned about it sooner,” she said, encouraging other parents to contact ECC.

“If you are considering it, don’t wait,” Schneider said. “If you feel the process is overwhelming, know that Megen (Strubberg) will walk alongside you to help make your child’s transition smooth.”

Jennifer Steinman, Labadie, has two children enrolled in dual enrollment courses at ECC.

“It was an easy transition (to ECC) from a homeschool environment,” she said. “We were used to choosing curriculums and activities that fit our schedules, so it’s great to have the option of online or in-person courses.”

Steinman agreed that the ECC staff has been very supportive, and the testing center enables her to know her children are in the right classes that are appropriate for their level.

“There’s so much academic support from teachers, tutors and counselors to help students succeed, including support with their specific needs,” she said.

“My students can be dual-enrolled with ECC, giving us the flexibility to use the curriculums we choose at home while also having access to courses at ECC that fill in the gaps.”

According to Steinman, when her children were entering high school age, she wanted to be sure they were enrolled in the right classes to challenge and prepare them for college.

“Another homeschool family had told me how well their daughter was doing at ECC and encouraged me to call,” she said. “My first phone call to ECC answered all of my questions.”