Faculty Members Receive Outstanding Instructor Awards

May 26, 2021 |

East Central College students have recognized instructors for their dedication and passion for education.

This is the first time the Outstanding Instructor Awards have been presented at ECC, and more than 80 students nominated their favorite instructors, with many faculty members receiving multiple nominations.

Students also left heartfelt comments and notes of gratitude which were later shared with the instructors, along with a certificate recognizing the award recipients.

Listed are the faculty members who have received the 2020-21 Outstanding Instructor Awards by their students for their commitment to students and their devotion to education and teaching:

Adisa Velic
Anna Schwein
Ann Boehmer
Anne Estes
Dr. Aurelia VonTress
Dr. Beth Rozema
Dr. Cori Derifield
Courtney Brandt
Dr. Elizabeth Flotte
Grace Austin
Gregory Stotler
Gregory Stratman
Jason Durbin
Jennifer Higerd
Dr. Jennifer Judd
Jenny Kuchem
Jessica Van Leer
John Hardecke
Joshua Stroup
Julie Chirban
Keith Pulles
Kevin Dixon
Larry Pierce
Laura Roselli Insall
Leigh Kellmann Kolb
Lesley Peters
Lisa Hanneken
Lucy Crain
Matthew Gifford
Dr. Matthew Monzyk
Nancy Hayes
Rachel Howard
Dr. Richard Hudanick
Dr. Robert Mahon
Dr. Russ Henderson
Shawna Flanigan
Sue Henderson
Tanner French
Theodore Coburn
Timothy Derifield
Tracy Mowery
Dr. Wendy Pecka