Fast Track Welding Program Prepares Students for Career

Fast Track Welding Program Prepares Students for Career

November 5, 2019 |

ECC’s Fast Track Welding Program Helps Students Quickly Start Career

The Fast Track Welding program at East Central College is purposely designed to teach welding skills effectively and efficiently in a short amount of time.

For 25-year-old Rebekah Savage of Pacific, the program is exactly what she needs. “As a mother of a two and a seven-year-old, four evening classes is the perfect fit. I can quickly learn the skills I need in just 16 weeks and then start my career as a welder. I was pleasantly surprised to find a welding program so close to my home that fit my needs.“

Rebekah and the other students in the program will complete 21 college credit hours and receive a Certificate of Achievement.

27-year-old Joshua Coppedge of Sullivan is excited to start a career in a high-demand field. For the past two and half years, he totaled 300,000 miles on the road as a truck driver and is looking for a career that keeps him off the road.  “I’m learning different types of welding skills, from MIG, TIG, Stick, and flux-core. By this December I’ll be done and have a job already lined up.”

Students in the ECC Fast Track Welding program are eligible for federal financial aid. The program is taught in the welding lab of the ECC Business and Industry Center.

ECC’s Welding Coordinator, Bobby Bland, says he already has career opportunities lined up for his students because there is a large demand for qualified welders in the area and across the state. The 25-year welding veteran expects to expand the program.

“We’re already looking to add a morning program,” says Bland. “We are providing more opportunities for current workers to enhance their welding skills in addition to those who are starting their welding career.”

Registration is open for the Fast Track welding program starting in January 2020. Visit or call 636.584.6588.

Photo: (L to R) Bobby Bland, ECC Welding Coordinator;Joshua Coppedge; Austin Monda;Rebekah Savage;William Shoemake