Nearly $9,000 in Foundation Scholarships Available for Spring Semester

Nearly $9,000 in Foundation Scholarships Available for Spring Semester

November 13, 2019 |

Nearly $9,000 in Foundation Scholarships Available for Spring Semester

During a time when the costs of higher education make it difficult for some students to attend college, thousands of scholarship dollars are still available at East Central College.

“We still have several scholarships from generous donors that can still be awarded for this coming spring semester”, says Bridgette Kelch, Executive Director of the ECC Foundation. “The scholarships provide money for a student to help them pay for tuition, fees, and books.”

Currently, 17 foundation scholarships totaling $9,000 are available for a variety of majors, including trade and industrial programs, Accounting, Biotechnology, Business, Culinary Arts, Engineering, English, Fire Science, Music, Paramedic Technology, Science, or a student looking to complete a transfer degree.

Class registration for the spring semester started November 4 and the scholarships would be eligible for the upcoming semester.

“The requirements for many of the scholarships are easy to meet. For example, a female graduate from Washington High School who holds a 3.0 GPA, to a recent graduate or adult learner, to a St. Clair High School student with a major in Engineering,” says Bridgette Kelch.

The Tier 1 in-district tuition and fees for one semester at ECC for 15 credit hours (5 classes) totals $1,935 while the ECC Foundation scholarship awards range from $300 to $2,800.

A complete list of ECC Foundation scholarships is available at

For more information about the ECC Foundation scholarships, contact Bridgette Kelch at or 636-584-6505.