Learning Center Offering Jumpstart! Courses

Learning Center Offering Jumpstart! Courses

May 25, 2021 |

The Learning Center (TLC) at East Central College is offering free online and in-person “Jumpstart!” courses to help prepare students for college-level classes.

The Jumpstart! program is a self-paced tool for students who can benefit from seeing coursework ahead of time. There are Jumpstart! programs for math, life science, and English.

Lisa Haag, TLC English specialist, noted that the JumpStart! program is for any student enrolled in courses at ECC.

“They are really positive opportunities for proactive students,” she said. “Science and math courses start fast, and many students would benefit from getting an early look at some of the course content.

“They are not just for students who are behind or who have been out of school for a while,” Haag added. “Those are just some people who might benefit.”

Some students who utilize the JumpStart! classes are high school students experiencing college for the first time. It is designed to close the skills gap between the end of traditional high school curriculum to the beginning of college, giving students a refresher and jumpstart to college at the same time.

In addition, the program could be utilized by students returning to college after they have been in the workforce for an extended period.

This year, students who take JumpStart! courses will receive a gift card and a pass for a movie or to a public pool.

For more information about JumpStart! visit ecc-sailtosuccess.weebly.com. Courses are offered in Rolla and Union.

There are three JumpStart! programs available through the ECC Learning Center — JumpStart! English, JumpStart! Life Science and JumpStart! Math.

The English JumpStart! Program has been designed to give students an even stronger foundation in reading and writing, not just for English classes, but also for other general college courses they may be required to take.

JumpStart! Math is designed to give students a foundation in math and the study skills essential for college-level courses.

According to Haag, the life science course would be excellent for anyone who is interested in the health care pathway, such as nursing.