New Summer Learning Academy Classes in Rolla

June 9, 2021 |

East Central College is offering a new slate of Summer Learning Academy (SLA) classes for Rolla area children and teens.

The academy will provide a unique, fun experience for area youth this summer, and this year the classes are free.

SLA is facilitated by the ECC Community Education division. This is the first year there will be classes offered in Rolla.

There are a variety of classes geared toward children ages five to 16. New classes include: Newborn/Pediatric Nursing: How to Care for Baby, Science by Brewer, Fly Tying Fun!, EV3 Robotics, Harry Potter and the Science of Potions, Exploring Egyptology and Learn the Art of Crochet.

To sign up or to see a class schedule, click here.

SLA classes are designed with curiosity and creativity in mind — letting students develop talents and encourage exploration and personal growth.

Students or parents will be asked to prioritize their interests while registering. After registering for three courses, they will be placed on a waiting list if they choose to sign up for a fourth course. Participants can register for a maximum of four classes.

For more information, people may email or call 636-649-5803.