Professional Staff Appointments, Rank Changes at ECC

Professional Staff Appointments, Rank Changes at ECC

July 28, 2022 |

Seven East Central College employees in the college’s Professional Staff Association (PSA) recently were approved for new roles or changes in rank.

The changes were approved by the ECC Board of Trustees during its June meeting. In addition, a new professional staff member, Carrie Myers, was hired. Myers is the new Director of Human Resources.

“The officers of the Professional Staff Association would like to recognize the accomplishments of our staff who were selected for their new roles or reclassifications, and we welcome our newest PSA members to East Central College,” said Carson Mowery, Campus Life & Leadership Coordinator, and PSA President.

Listed below are the employees who received new appointments or rank changes:

  • Kathy Luther — appointed to Financial Aid Specialist from her previous position as Student Services Specialist. Kathy was a member of the Classified Staff Association but is now a member of the Professional Staff Association.
  • Steffani McCrary — named Assistant Director of Advising and Counseling from her previous role as an Academic Advisor/Career Services.
  • Alison Tucker — appointed to be the STEM Recruitment and Success Coordinator. She previously was the Retention Coordinator.
  • Dee Gibbs — named Technical Support Coordinator. She previously was an IT Technician. Dee was a member of the Classified Staff Association and is now in the Professional Staff Association.
  • Chad Baldwin — Director of Online Learning & Educational Technology, reclassified as higher rank and compensation.
  • Annette Moore —Director of Financial Services/Comptroller, remained in her position with reclassification to a higher rank and compensation.
  • Lindsay Riegel — is the new was Retention Coordinator. Previously she served as the Advisor for Early College & Admissions.