Registration for Summer Classes Under Way

Registration for Summer Classes Under Way

March 1, 2021 |

March weather may not feel much like summer, but it is a good time to think about brighter days.

Registration is now open for summer classes at East Central College.  ECC has the courses students need to catch up or get ahead. The summer session begins June 1.

When students take 30 credit hours a year, including summer semester courses, they graduate or transfer sooner.

That saves students money and launches them to the next step in their lives sooner.

And enrolling in a summer semester course at ECC doesn’t have to hinder fun and relaxation. There is an increasing number of students who are taking courses online each year — they get the classes they want and they don’t have to leave the pool.

Students are encouraged to sign up soon for summer courses to ensure they get the classes they need, when they want them.

By signing up for a summer course now instead of waiting until May, students will have time to get their classes scheduled, purchase their books and still plan for vacation and other summer activities.

Summer classes at ECC also is a great time for students who are home for the summer from other colleges — referred to as “visiting students” — to pick up a couple of classes.

Visiting students should talk with the advisers at the institution they currently attend and then enroll at ECC for low-cost credits that they can transfer back.

To view the course schedule visit To schedule an appointment with an academic advisor at the Union campus call 636-584-6588. For summer classes in Rolla, call 573-466-4100. Students also can check to see if financial aid is available by emailing

Current students can begin registering for the fall semester Monday, March 22. New students can begin registering for fall Monday, March 29.