Rolla Business Leaders Complete ECC Supervisor Leadership Class

Rolla Business Leaders Complete ECC Supervisor Leadership Class

September 24, 2019 | ,

Nearly a dozen local business leaders from LMI, American Precision Die Casting, Rawlings and Brewer Science attended the East Central College Supervisor Leadership Certification class in Rolla in September. The two-day workshop was facilitated by the Center for Workforce Development.

“I was surprised with several things – in a good way,” explained James Levin, American Precision Die Casting. “The class definitely will give me direction moving forward. I believe this is something every manager, including upper management, should attend.”

The Supervisor Leadership Certificate focuses on several key areas in order to improve managerial skills. The goal is for managers to become aware of their strengths and weaknesses and implement new strategies to improve the workplace.

“Much of the material was a breath of fresh air,” said Robert Williams, LMI. “It truly encouraged me to create a more balanced environment for my coworkers and peers.”

“In order for businesses to be competitive in the global economy, they need leaders who can empower and motivate employees,” said Dr. Edward Shelton, Executive Director of Workforce Development. “The Supervisor Leadership Certificate is designed to instill a culture of shared trust and communication between supervisors and their employees.”

The workshop was held at East Central College in Rolla, 2303 North Bishop. For more information about workforce development and training, visit