St. Clair, Washington Districts Join Early College Academy

St. Clair, Washington Districts Join Early College Academy

March 12, 2021 |

East Central College’s Early College Academy is growing now that two additional high schools have joined the ranks.

St. Clair High School and Washington High School are slated to join Union High School in the academy this fall.

Under the Early College Academy (ECA), high school juniors and seniors attend classes at their respective schools, as well as on the ECC campus, with the goal of earning an associate of arts or associate of science degree and their high school diploma.

The students begin the academy as juniors and graduate after successfully completing their high school and college coursework after two years, according to Megen Strubberg, director of early college and admissions at ECC.

UHS students kicked of the Early College Academy in the fall 2020 semester. There are 12 students enrolled in the program set to graduate in 2022. The second annual Early College Academy parent night was held at UHS March 11.

With the addition of SCHS and WHS, there could be 60 new high school students on the ECC campus in the fall, and 72 total high schoolers including the 12 enrolled this year through UHS.

“The ideal student for ECA has the same qualities that make any college student successful, including being driven, resourceful, and resilient,” Strubberg said.

She added that students attend classes with other college students at ECC, all taught by instructors at the college. Academy students also have access to the ECC Learning Center, library, student clubs and activities.

There is no cost to the high school students to participate in the academy. School districts cover the cost of tuition, fees and books for college classes.

To take part in the ECA, high school sophomores complete a program application with their high school guidance office and an ECC application for admission.

Students must have a GPA of at least 2.5 to be eligible to participate. An ECA selection committee comprised of high school staff makes selections based on student’s academic performance, disciplinary and attendance records, and other factors.

Strubberg noted that she is excited for the potential of additional school districts to join the ECA in the future.

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