Student Artwork to Appear in New York City Art Gallery

Student Artwork to Appear in New York City Art Gallery

December 4, 2017 | ,

Seven East Central College students will soon have their artwork displayed in a New York City art gallery.

“Any time our students can show work it is important,” said Adam Watkins, fine and performing arts program coordinator. “It is exposure on one hand and a resume builder on the other.”

It is part of the Postcards from the Edge exhibit, a display of nearly 1400 postcard-sized pieces of art from internationally renowned and emerging artists. The identity of the artist is revealed only after the work is purchased. All proceeds go to the Visual AIDS organization –a group who utilizes art to fight AIDS by provoking dialogue, supporting HIV+ artists and preserving a legacy.

“Participating in this charity is important to me because it helps artists who suffer from the disease get back on their feet,” said student Kyle Herbert. “My postcard design was a golden skeleton on top of a coffin. I called it ‘Rebirth.’ I chose this image to give support to the other artists who suffer from the disease.”

Mary Sleeper took a different approach with her postcard. “My postcard was a photograph of a car mirror that says ‘OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR ARE LOSING.’ Whatever seems to be a problem, you just have to keep driving, keep going and overcome your problems.”

A local landmark helped spur the idea for Danika Donatti’s postcard. “My design is the St. Louis Arch with a sunset in the background. My goal is to show how widespread this project is and that every artist in the world wants to make a positive impact.”

Last year, the exhibit raised more than $94,000. Student Travis Fischer hopes his contribution can help make a difference this year.

“One of the most important things someone can do in this world is support people in need,” he said. “In the end, my hope in helping out one person, or one group, is that they can be in a healthier place in life.”

Students Azusa Lloyd and Kiersten Engel, as well as Watkins, are also submitting artwork to the exhibit. It will all be on display January 19-21 at Gallery 524 in New York City.