Summer Courses Available at East Central College

Summer Courses Available at East Central College

March 13, 2017 |

Spring is here, and it’s a great time to start thinking about the summer. East Central College has the courses students need to catch up or get ahead! Summer classes begin on Monday, June 5, with options from English to Math to Chemistry!

When students take 30 credit hours a year, including summer semester courses, they graduate or transfer on time. It saves students money and launches them to the next step in their lives sooner. Enrolling in a summer semester course at East Central College doesn’t have to hinder fun and relaxation! In 2016, more than half of all summer students took classes online. They were able to get the classes they needed without having to leave the pool!

By signing up for a summer course now instead of waiting until May, students will have time to get their classes scheduled, purchase their books and still plan for vacation and other summer activities.

“This is also the right time for students who are coming home from other colleges for the summer to pick up a couple of classes,” said Shelli Allen, vice president of student development. “If they talk with advisors at the institution they currently attend, summer is perfect for picking up some low-cost credits that they can transfer back.”

Additionally, East Central College holds a Summer Scholars program for area high school students. Rising high school juniors (class of 2019) and seniors (class of 2018) can take summer semester classes at a reduced rate per credit hour! Find out more about Summer Scholars.

Open enrollment for summer and fall 2017 classes opens March 20.