The Learning Center Offers New JumpStart! Programs

May 15, 2020 |

The East Central College Learning Center is rolling out new summer programs to help students get back into form before the fall semester.

The JumpStart! Programming is geared toward high school students experiencing college for the first time.

It is designed to close the skills gap between the end of traditional high school curriculum to the beginning of college, giving a students a refresher and jumpstart to college at the same time.

The program is also ideal for current ECC students who have not adjusted to the transition to an online semester and need to repeat a course.

Recommendation for the program is based on student scores on the Accuplacer test, which evaluates the mathematics, reading and writing skills of test-takers.

There are two JumpStart! programs available through the ECC Learning Center — JumpStart! English and JumpStart! Math.

JumpStart! English

The JumpStart! English program is geared toward students with an Accuplacer score of 250-255 in reading.

The English JumpStart! Program has been designed to give students an even stronger foundation in reading and writing, not just for English classes, but also for other general college courses they may be required to take.

To learn more about JumpStart! English, contact Lisa Haag at 636-584-6688, or email

JumpStart! Math

The JumpStart! Math program is geared toward students with an Accuplacer score of 250-255 in Quantitative Reasoning and higher than 250 in reading on the Accuplacer test.

JumpStart! Math is designed to give students a foundation in math and the study skills essential for college level courses.

To learn more about JumpStart! Math, contact Alison Tucker at 636-584-6660, or email

Students also can email general_tutoring@eastcentral for more information about any JumpStart! Program.

For more information about The Learning Center or to learn about other resources, visit