Winners of ECC Art & Design Student Exhibition Announced

May 3, 2023 | Art Campus News

Many talented and creative students were recognized April 27 during a reception for the East Central College Art and Design Student Exhibition.

Jennifer Higerd, assistant professor of art and gallery curator, and Sean Barton, graphic design instructor and art and design department executive, presented awards to the winners of each category and recognized those receiving honorable mentions.

“It was a delight to welcome students, their families and friends to celebrate the work they’ve done over the past year,” Higerd said. The art and design student exhibition closed May 3.

The highest recognition, Best of Show, was awarded to Milo Guile, Washington, for his wire art piece, “Coat Hanger.”

Listed below are the winners in each category:

Digital Design — Jon Queen, “Osamu Tezuka”

Printmaking — Miriam Bondor, “Adventure Awaits”

Digital Photography — Miriam Bondor, “In Bloom”

Watercolor — Chloe Eades, “Medusa”

Sculpture (3D Design, Ceramics) — Milo Guile, “Thunder”

Functional Ceramics — “Lacy Buchanan, “Curvy Vase”

Painting — Zoe Meyer, “Egg”

Drawing — Parker Williamson, “Hand Study”

Figure Drawing — Abby Stanfield, “A Study of Light”

2D Design — Mackenzie Rieger, “Season of Stripes”

Illustration — Emmalyn Henderson, “The Rigid Reflections of Blackthorn Wood”

Honorable Mention

“Parasomnia,” Kimber Clement-Thompson

“The Home as it Pertains to the Vessel,” Elijah Uffman

“Pumpkins and a Silver Fork,” Megan Pritchard

“Unrealistic Standards,” Elijah Uffman

Patron’s Picks

Listed below are artworks purchased by the ECC Foundation to be added to the college’s art collection:

“The Big Cheese,” Abby Stanfield

“Medusa,” Chloe Eades

“Mom’s Stew,” Elijah Uffman

“Medusa,” Emmalyn Henderson

“Winged Woman,” Hallelujah Medlock

“The Healing of the Oak Sprite,” Emmalyn Henderson

“Pumpkins and a Silver Fork,” Megan Pritchard

“Coat Hanger,” Milo Guile

“The Rigid Reflections of Blackthorn Wood,” Emmalyn Henderson

“Rabbit and Fox” (tiles), Megan Pritchard

“Forest Walk,” Milo Guile