College Readiness

East Central College’s Developmental Education Program is dedicated to helping students prepare for and understand what it takes to be successful in college. The mission of Developmental Education at East Central College is to assist students in achieving college readiness and therefore meet individual educational goals and foster lifelong learning through interdisciplinary instruction, student-centered support services, and a commitment to student success.

This section of the website offers information about

  • free placement test preparation resources to help you improve your scores,
  • free bridge courses to help you test out of classes,
  • basic skills development classes to prepare you for college-level coursework,
  • the Falcon Orientation experience and Foundation Seminar class to help you learn behaviors and skills needed to succeed your first semester,
  • the Peer Coach Program that seeks to connect experienced students with new students who may benefit from mentoring,
  • and library guides containing links to books, websites, videos, and other tools to help support you during college.

To learn more about these classes, programs, and resources, contact the Director of Developmental Education Programs at 636-584-6547.