Developmental Class Options

Have you been out of a school for a few years? Did you struggle with or completely avoid certain classes in high school? Developmental Studies at East Central College offers several basic skills development classes to help students prepare for their college-level coursework. Your placement score determines whether you will be required to take one or more of these courses in reading, writing, and math. Note: Students who prepare for the placement, test within five points of the cut-off for college reading and writing levels, and/or successfully complete bridge courses may test out of these courses and start taking college-level coursework faster.

Standard Developmental Math Course Offerings

MTH 070 Pre-Algebra (3 credit hours) is an entry-level course for students in preparation for the Introductory/Intermediate algebra sequence or Fundamental Concepts in Math. Topics to be covered include: arithmetic operations on the set of whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers, including decimals, exponents, and percents, solving linear equations, various applications in problem-solving, the coordinate system, and basic graphing. Placement in Pre-Algebra is determined by a student’s score on the math placement test and/or the student’s mathematical background. When successfully completed (grade C or better), the course satisfies the college’s prerequisite for Introductory Algebra, Fundamental Concepts in Math, and Business Mathematics.
Prerequisite: None

MTH 080 Introductory Algebra (4 credit hours) is the first course in a two course algebra sequence designed to prepare students for coursework in college level mathematics. Students will be introduced to basic algebra topics and the application of technology to those topics. The course will begin with a review of pertinent pre-algebra topics including fractions, decimals, and signed numbers. Other topics to be covered at the introductory algebra level include: arithmetic skills, solving equations and inequalities, exponents, linear equations and expressions, and the coordinate plane. Many of these topics will be developed more in subsequent courses. Successful completion with a grade of “C” or higher will satisfy the prerequisite for Intermediate Algebra.
Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C in MTH 070 or appropriate math placement score.

MTH 110 Intermediate Algebra Intermediate Algebra is designed to prepare students for College Algebra. Topics covered include: systems of linear equations and inequalities, absolute value equations and inequalities, polynomial operations, factoring (including sum and difference of cubes), solving quadratics using factoring and the quadratic formula, graphing quadratic equations, rational expressions and equations, and radical expressions and equations.
Prerequisite: Minimum grade of “C” in MTH 080, MTH 094, or appropriate math placement score to enter MTH 110.

Alternative Math Course Offerings

In addition to the traditional courses offered at a designated time in a designated room, the ECC Math Department offers many different learning opportunities to help meet the need for students’ different learning preferences and life situations.

Do you have good computer skills? Are you motivated and self-disciplined? Do you learn well on your own? Online, web-hybrid, and/or self-paced courses may be a good fit for you.

Online courses are delivered via the Internet using computers. Students will typically follow a schedule and be required to meet published deadlines. Typically, an online class will require a commitment of time and effort equaling that of at least three times the credit hour value of the class.

Web-hybrid classes have a regularly scheduled meeting time with the remainder of the course taught online. Students will be required to attend scheduled class meetings that are published in advance.

Self-paced courses are classes using the HAWKES homework management system. These courses have meeting times with an instructor and required attendance. Lectures, examples, and homework are computer-based, but students have access to a designated instructor. There is a necessary commitment of time outside of class to be successful in this course. These classes offer motivated students the opportunity to accelerate their math program by completing more than one course in a semester.

Standard Developmental Reading and Writing Course Options

These courses are offered as standard 16-week, stand-alone classes at Union and as 8-week classes at Rolla. Both classes will help students develop critical thinking skills, as well as key academic reading and writing skills needed to be successful in college.

ENG 090 Introduction to Writing (3 credit hours) is a developmental writing course for students who need to improve their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills before attempting college composition. Students will practice applying standard edited English (basic grammar, usage, and punctuation), developing ideas, and refining paragraph structure, culminating in the production of multi-paragraph essays. Not intended for transfer or degree credit.
Prerequisite: Appropriate English placement score

ENG 080 Reading Comprehension (3 credit hours) course in reading comprehension, including such skills as recalling specific facts, making an inference, drawing a conclusion, isolating details, finding the main idea, making a judgment, understanding literary terms, and recognizing tone. The course also stresses vocabulary improvement and flexible reading rates. Not intended for transfer or degree credit.
Prerequisite: Appropriate reading placement score.

Fast-Track, Accelerated Reading and Writing Course Options

Are you a motivated student? Are you willing to put six to seven hours of time into reading and writing classes each week? Do you believe that everyone can improve their reading and writing ability—regardless of how they have done in the past? If you answered “yes” to these questions, East Central’s accelerated reading and writing class options may be a good fit for you.

ENG 095 Composition Expansion (2 credit hours) is a developmental writing course for students who are co-enrolled in English Composition I(ENG 101)and need to improve their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. Emphasis is on supporting and extending the writing process for English Composition I writing. This includes developing and refining paragraph structure, pushing toward deeper engagement with ideas, and providing support for non-cognitive concerns that may be impacting students’ performance in English Composition I.
Prerequisite: ACCUPLACER score below 79

ENG 085 Connecting Reading and Writing (5 credit hours) is a course designed to integrate critical reading and writing skills to prepare students for success in Composition I. The focus of the course will be applying critical reading skills to organizing, analyzing, and retaining material and developing written work appropriate to the audience, purpose, situation, and length of the assignment. This class is reserved for students who have been placed into Reading Comprehension and Intro to Writing. This course is not intended for transfer or degree credit.
Prerequisite: Appropriate reading and writing placement score.