Falcon Career Center

Vision Statement 

The Falcon Career Center provides a specialized space for learning and connecting with career counseling and social services to support the whole student. Students will gain confidence knowing that their time and money is a solid investment because they will graduate prepared and connected to their community and job market.

Student TeleHealth Program

Every ECC student has free access to telehealth services through The Virtual Care Group.

The service provides unlimited access to:

  • Medical doctors for Urgent Care needs
  • 50-minute mental health counseling sessions with master-level counselors
  • On-demand crisis counseling
  • Life coaching

A full list of services is available here.

A student will need to access their account at https://www.thevirtualcaregroup.com/eastcentral

Any questions about the service can be directed to care@thevirtualcaregroup.com or Sarah Leassner.