Social Science Pathway

The Social Science Pathway explores the connections between such fundamental concerns as human development, social behavior, and historical analysis. Students in the Social Science Pathway may choose to follow tracks in History/Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology. Careers in Social Science include but are not limited to Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Government, Law, and Economics. In today’s modern world of big data, businesses and industries are looking for individuals who are skilled at thinking critically and providing shrewd analysis, which are skills that are taught in the broad fields Social Science.

Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular Opportunities at ECC

In addition to clubs such as Phi Theta Kappa and Student Government Association, the Psychology Club at East Central College serves to provide an environment for students who express an interest in the Psychological Sciences. The goal of this club is to offer opportunities to increase understanding of the field, provide community service, and enrich students’ social experiences.

More information about General Education and Program Learning Outcomes for Associate of Arts degrees is listed at the Liberal Studies page.

Each Academic Pathway requires Falcon Seminar. Information about Falcon Seminar is listed at the Liberal Studies page.