Institutional Assessment

Annual Assessment  

The goals are established around data points which connect directly to the purpose of the department/unit. These goals/data points are continuously monitored, at least on an annual basis.

For example: 

  • Admissions data surrounding the number of applications received in a year, as well as the number of applicants converted to registered students each year.  
  • The number of community education courses offered/number of courses which “make.” The number of community members served. 
  • The number of data requests received/responded to in a year. The satisfaction rating of those served by the department. 
  • Annual/semester course success data.  
  • Defined student learning outcomes and data indicating achievement of these outcomes. 
  • Number of students served (library, tutoring, advising, etc.) 
  • Social media reach. 

Comprehensive Assessment (Review)  

In addition to annual assessment, each unit of the college is expected to participate in a comprehensive review on an approximately five-year cycle. For programs which are accredited externally, the accreditation review may take the place of this review, with approval. For academic units, this may be called a program review. It is intended to dig deeper than the annual review cycle which occurs continually.

ECC Institutional Assessment Chart

Each unit of the college is in the process of establishing annual measures of effectiveness. Data from these annual assessments will feed into a comprehensive five year assessment. Upcoming review schedules in the areas of administration and support include:

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Annual Assessment Showcase

ECC held its inaugural Assessment Showcase on October 25, 2019. Event Summary