Cocurricular Assessment

East Central College’s cocurricular activities are structured learning activities that complement and augment formal curriculum, and include non-credit and credit-bearing experiences. Cocurricular opportunities can be embedded within existing academic programs or be adjacent to academic and extra-curricular programs. Cocurriculum at East Central College aims to be experiential, transformative, and accessible, while being collaboratively interwoven with the college’s academic, cultural, and extra-curricular opportunities.


Cocurricular learning opportunities

  • fulfill ECC’s Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (Critical Thinking, Communication, Social Responsibility, and Personal and Professional Development)
  • reflect ECC’s Mission Statement
  • are tied to ECC’s Strategic Plan
  • offer transformative experiential learning opportunities within all programs and emphasis areas
  • be accessible to all students

Annual Assessment

Cocurricular activities with designated ISLO Performance Indicators have been mapped as part of the institution’s curriculum mapping. Sponsors of these activities (faculty and staff) conduct assessment of student learning in their targeted activities through both direct and indirect assessment. The Cocurricular Assessment Report and Plan (CARP) collects and analyzes data, while also offering an opportunity for planning for improvement.

The Cocurricular Assessment Committee

The Cocurricular Assessment Committee is a subcommittee of the Instructional Assessment Committee. Its co-chairs are the  Campus Life and Leadership Coordinator and a faculty member who is involved in both the Instructional Assessment Committee and cocurricular activities.

Examples of Cocurricular Activities at ECC

Student Government Association Officer Leadership

International Education Week

Student Publications (Newspaper, Magazine, Literary and Art Review)

Phi Theta Kappa Honors Projects

Month of Service

Online Film Festivals

Film and Lecture Series

Field Trips and Study Abroad