ECC’s NEA Chapter Recognizes 55 High School Teachers

May 18, 2023 | Campus News ECC Rolla

There were 55 high school teachers from the region recently recognized for the positive influence they have had on East Central College students, and their dedication to teaching.

The educators were presented Inspirer of Excellence Awards on May 10 by the East Central College chapter of the National Education Association (NEA). ECC students nominated their former high school teachers who made an impact in their lives or played a role in their educational journey.

ECC Faculty members Jenifer Goodson, EMS Program Director; Lisa Hanneken, instructor and coordinator of the business and accounting programs; and Tanner French, accounting and business instructor, were co-chairs of the Inspirer of Excellence Teacher Recognition Award Ceremony held in the John Edson Anglin Performing Arts Center.

In the nominations, students wrote about their former teachers, and why they should be Inspirers of Excellence.

“The responses we received demonstrate the ways in which these educators inspire excellence in their students, by going above and beyond to provide, not only an education to their students, but also guidance, understanding and mentoring,” Goodson said during the ceremony. “They have laid the foundation for their students to excel in their education, and in their lives.

“Thank you to all the educators receiving this award for your dedication, time and commitment,” she added.

Listed below are the names of each Inspirer of Excellence Award winner under the high school where they teach now, or taught, when they inspired the ECC students who nominated them. Following the teachers’ names are the subjects that they teach and the names of the student, or students, who nominated them.

Pacific High School

Clint Anderson, Government, Jonni Sever

Sunshine Anderson, Math, Olivia Hoven

Sullivan High School

Jordan Flora, Physical Education, Hannah Campbell

Chuck Moore, Music Director, Emilee Roach

Cuba High School

Chris Case, Speech/Drama, Mackenzie White

Timothy Duarte, Social Studies, Shaylee Roussin

St. James High School

Dustin Felan, Fine Arts (Choir), Colby Sanders

Kirby Moreland, Math, Jacob Jones

Salem High School

Martin Gray, Math, Alicyn Warden

Rob Wofford, English, Brooklyn Stenhoff

Hermann High School

Dan Bader, Social Studies, Tim Martens & Lori Anderson

Ben Sachs, Band, Reyna McDaris

Washington High School

Kim Blankenship, Physical Education, Ava Kelly

Ryan Brennan, Spanish, Carly Hamlyn

Meghan Brueggemann, Orchestra, Zachary Hoffman

Allison Chaney, Social Studies, Aaron Flynn

Karen Fixsal, Family & Consumer Science, Maddie Frankenberg

Tim Rinne, Retired History, Kaitlyn Williams

St. Clair High School

Kaylin Buckingham, English, Eliza Sohn

Sarah Dierker, Business, Brooklyn Hyatt

Ben Martin, Science, Jaden Bursey & Maggie Hopkins

Robert Prichard, History, Seth Turman

St. Francis Borgia High School

Jon Noelker, Physics, Earth & Space Science, Annika Brunner

Union High School

Melissa Bestgen, English/Speech, Jayden Rybak, Briseyda Ballou, Rylie Brown & Joanna Hoskins

Danielle Blair, Agriculture/FFA, Shaley Parmentier

Brandi Gremaud, Science, Kaitlyn Donovan

Sarah Hurt, Biology, Mack Reeves

Jim Kapusiak, Art, Erica Hertel

Bill Koch, Engineering/Physics, Christian Masawi

David North, Choir, Chae Keeney

Danika Novak, English, Nick Moore & Sakura Shortal

Jennifer Schwentker, English, Artimiss Jansson

Michael Underberg, History, Augast Haddad & Kelsey Brake

Dennis Wilson, Art, Whitney Griffin

Rolla High School

Jamie Cantrell, Family & Consumer Science, Gage Klossner & Lizzy Patton

Jeremy Haberman, Business Education, Ariyanna Ross

Emily Mullen, French, Grace Gorman

Laurie Myers, Art, Jonathan Reade

Keith Peterson, Science, Theresa Skaggs & Isaiah Parker

Nick Zink, Physical Science, Kiya Hatley

Warrenton HS

Michael Shaw, Science, Ryah Cullom

Thomas Speers, Band, Kalie Mullings

New Haven High School

Mandy Koch, Band & Foreign Language, Emily Delgado

Bourbon High School

Emily Edens, Civic, Jackson Rosen

Rolla Technical Institute/Center

Carmel Dare, Culinary Arts, Richard Lawing

Ruth Diaz, Early Childhood, Ashley Wood

Ft. Zumwalt South

Suzanne Hembrough, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Ashley Labanca

Kingston High School

Matthew Falch, Band/Choir, Kayla Yoesting

Nichols Career Center

Amber Moore, Culinary Arts, Jesse Averion

Owensville High School

Tyler Ahring, Business, Hayden Loeb

Lucas Gehlert, Social Studies, Michael Miles

Kayla Pyle, English, Caitlyn Linders

Adrienne Gonzalez, Theatre, Shelby Koepke

Four Rivers Career Center

Cinthia Edler, Health Occupations, Maddie Brown

Rockwood School District

Andrew Litschgi, Language Arts, Joey Reichmuth & Jamie Cantrell