Nominate an Outstanding Alumni!

Nominate an Outstanding Alumni!

February 14, 2018 |

The East Central College Alumni Association established the Outstanding Alumni Award in 2002. Since that time, it has set out to recognize alumni who have set an example for ECC graduates by using their college education and serving their community.

To be considered for the Outstanding Alumni Award, nominees must have completed a college credit course at ECC at some point in their educational journey.  Attainment of a degree or certificate from ECC is preferred but not required.  Nominees must also be looked upon by their peers as leaders in their field, with a demonstrated commitment to community.   Residency within the college district is not required.  An explanation of 500 words or less as to why the person is worthy of consideration should accompany the nomination.

Nominate someone who is making a difference in the community today!

Selection will be determined by a committee drawn from ECC alumni and the Foundation.  Nominations will be accepted through March 31. The 2018 award will be presented at the East Central College commencement ceremony on the Union campus Saturday, May 12.

Past recipients include:  2002-Tanya Voss; 2003-John Griesheimer; 2004-Tom Robertson; 2005-Chris Manhart; 2006-Deborah Koelling; 2007-Tammy Watz and Dr. Frank Miller; 2008-Ken Schmidt; 2009-Chris Stuckenschneider;  2010-Ann Schroeder; 2011-Ted Coburn, 2012-Linda Mahon, 2013-Joseph Purschke, 2014-Amy Wildhaber, 2015-Tony Kreutz, 2016 David Arand and 2017 – Audrey Freitag.