Online Intersession Classes

April 14, 2016 |
The opportunity to earn college credit in just four weeks will be available to individuals enrolling in one of the online courses that East Central College will offer in May.
These short-term online classes will allow any student to acquire three hours of college credit over a four-week period between the end of spring semester and the start of the summer session.
Intersession dates are May 9 through June 5.
“Once again we are excited to be able to offer several general education courses during our Intersession,” said Jean McCann, ECC vice president of instruction.  “We are thrilled to expand our efforts in online education and fill a need for students with these month long, intersession offerings.”
Courses on the Intersession schedule include Intro to Business, Oral Communications, and Fiction.
“Whether students attend ECC or another college or university, taking an Intersession class could allow them to have a lighter course schedule in a future semester and gives them an opportunity to improve their grade point average,” McCann noted.  “We have students who need to regain or maintain eligibility for Missouri’s A+ scholarship program, so focusing on doing well in one course gives them that chance.”
To be eligible to enroll in one of the Intersession classes, students must have completed nine credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.5.  Interested students from other colleges should consult with their home institution, which will determine course equivalency credit.  Intersession students must also meet the prerequisite of being ready for English Composition I.
In-district students pay just $330 per class in tuition and fees.  The rate for out-of-district students is $435 per course.  There is an additional charge for books.
For more information about Intersession courses, call 636-584-6547 or email