Summer Learning Academy Registration

We are excited to provide the Summer Learning Classes at NO COST!

We want to be sure our classes are well attended for the best possible student experience.  A $10 administrative fee will be charged per class if not attended without prior notification.

(Month / Day / Year)

Parent/Guardian Information

  • Contact us two weeks before the class begins if a student isn’t planning to attend. This will provide us the opportunity to enroll other interested students.
  • The drop off and pick up of a student will be no more than 10 minutes before the class and after the class schedule.
  • A student who is excessively disruptive in class may not be eligible to return.
  • ECC's current COVID policy is that masks are welcome, but not required; however, this is subject to change as the requirements are being reviewed and assessed based on community data and CDC guidelines. There are a few classes that will require masks.
Please sign to verify that you agree to the Summer Learning Academy policies.


Prioritize your interest in SLA classes. After 3 courses, you will be placed on a waiting list for additional courses of interest.
No classes are available for Union/Washington.
No classes are available for Rolla.
Summer Learning Academy will return in Summer 2023.