Education Pathway

The Education Pathway is a teaching and learning community committed to providing educational experiences in partnership with area schools that prepare students with the knowledge base and specialized skills to become a reflective practitioner. The Pathway includes the first two years of standard teacher education courses along with general education coursework. Most students within the pathway are also seeking transfer admittance to a four-year institution for a certification-route bachelor’s degree. Certain courses in this pathway are recommended based on MoGEA content exam needed for certification track-bound students through DESE.

Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular Opportunities at ECC

ECC has an active SMSTA chapter on campus that participates and hosts numerous co-curricular activities throughout the year. Some examples are SMSTA Legislative Day, MSTA Convention, ECC’s Messy Play event, ECC’s Merit Badge University, and a routine schedule of guest speakers at chapter meetings.

More information about General Education and Program Learning Outcomes for Associate of Arts degrees is listed at the Liberal Studies page.

Each Academic Pathway requires Falcon Seminar. Information about Falcon Seminar is listed at the Liberal Studies page.