Physical Education

Associate of Arts Teaching
The Associate of Arts in Teaching is a two-year degree program in which students can take electives in Physical Education to complete their degree plan. Students are encouraged to complete the degree at East Central and transfer into a bachelor’s degree program. Students will take PE 2103 History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education, Sociological Aspects of Physical Education and Sport, HS 1003 Nutrition, AAT degree requirements and 42 hours of general education requirements to complete the 64 hour program. Student will need to determine which areas of concentration to study, elementary or secondary.

Exercise Science
Students who enter the College and express an interest in the study of exercise science, athletic training, sports psychology, kinesiology or a related field have several course options and electives available. The program of study consists of the 42 credit hour general education core required for all transfer degrees plus the necessary elective coursework to satisfy the degree requirements. For students studying exercise science, early contact with a transfer institution is helpful in planning their program of study and may wish to choose electives based on the requirements of their transfer institution.


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