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Board Policies & Procedures

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Changes made to policy and procedure during 2018:

New Policies

  • Policy 1.36 Shared Governance                                  Adopted 5-7-2018
  • Policy 3.29 Suicide Awareness and Prevention      Adopted 10-1-2018

Procedure Modifications/Additions

  • Procedure 4.6.2.d. Expenditures exceeding $15,000 was modified on 5-30-18 to indicate bids are to be submitted using the online portal.
  • Procedure 4.6.2.e Expenditure utilizing Federal funds was adopted 5-30-2018.
  • Procedure 4.6.10 Vendors, Suppliers, Contractors and Subcontractors was adopted 12-13-18.
  • Procedure 5.9.5 Regular Full-Time Employees was modified 7-19-18 to align procedures with the collective bargaining agreement provision calling for seven office hours per week for faculty.
  • Procedure 5.20.1 Master Personnel File Stored in Human Resources and Procedure 5.21.3 Evaluation Process Management were modified 3-1-18 to note that original evaluations and other performance documentation will be housed in HR.
  • Procedure 5.27.4 Full-Time Employee Tuition Reimbursement was modified 11-5-18 to include reimbursement for recognized post-secondary certification or non-degree credential and to clarify that tuition reimbursement is subject to IRS guidelines regarding educational assistance (annual reimbursement exceeding the IRS limit will be considered taxable and included on the W-2).
  • Procedure 5.28.1 Holiday Schedule was modified 8-27-18 to include spring break and fall break

Notice of Non-Discrimination

Applicants for admission and employment, students, employees, and sources of referral of applicants for admission and employment and individuals with whom the Board of Trustees and college officials do business are hereby notified that East Central College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetic information or veteran status.

Inquiries related to employment practices may be directed to Wendy Hartmann, Human Resources Director, 005-D Donald Shook Student Center, telephone number 636-584-6710 or hrnotice@eastcentral.edu.

Inquiries/concerns regarding civil rights compliance as it relates to student programs and services may be directed to Heath Martin, Vice President of Student Development, 131 Buescher Hall, 636-584-6565 or stnotice@eastcentral.edu.

Both offices are located at the ECC main campus located at 1964 Prairie Dell Road, Union, Missouri 63084.

Contact us at (636) 584-6710 or hrecc@eastcentral.edu