Be Well Breaks & Workshops

January 2020 – Food Myths & Diet Fads 

Presentation – Watch Recording

Food Myths & Fad Diets Powerpoint

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid Handout

Mediterranean Diet Handout

www.myplate.gov  This link has educational information for all ages, recipes, and a feature where you can put in some personal info (weight, gender, age) and it will calculate an eating plan for you.


February 2020 – Boost your Metabolism & Quick Workouts

Presentation – Watch Recording.

4 Habits that Sabotage your Metabolism

7 Minute Workout at Work

7 Strategies to Increase Consistency

8 Ways to Stop Food Cravings

10 Ways to Boost your Metabolism

15 Foods to Boost Metabolism

Reset your Metabolism

Truth About Metabolism

What makes up your metabolism


February Workshop – Basic First Aid 

Presentation – Watch Recording

Monthly Challenges


Complete the two word puzzles and return or read an article about healthy eating and send us the title, and where you found it.

January Monthly Challenge – Word Search #1

January Monthly Challenge – Word Search #2


Complete one of the puzzles below and send to HR when completed.

Feb. Monthly Challenge – Crossword

Feb. Monthly Challenge –  Word Search