Online Writing Center

There are 3 options for online writing help!

1. Online Writing Center

The Online Writing Center is staffed by Writing Specialists from The Learning Center. Students may submit papers written for any class. A Learning Center Specialist will read the paper, respond within the document, and return the paper to the student within the Online Learning system. Papers submitted Monday through Friday morning will usually be returned to the student within twenty-four hours. Papers submitted over the weekend and during times East Central College is closed will be read within twenty-four hours of the college opening. Click the button below to take advantage of this great service and become a better writer today!

2. Chat with a Writing Tutor

Just click in the chat box and be connected with a Writing Specialist. Available during normal business hours.

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3. Zoom video conferencing

Watch the tutorial below about how we can create a Zoom video conferencing tutoring session. The tutorial will tell you the basic technology required for this session. We may ask you if you would like to do a Zoom tutoring session if your question is more in depth and better serviced by this platform.