Student Responsibilities for Success

I will… 

  • Attend class, read required materials, and attempt to complete assignments before my tutoring session. 
  • Identify and mark part(s) of the material(s) and lecture notes that need clarifying and write down specific questions to ask. 
  • Bring all the necessary materials (i.e. completed or attempted assignments, syllabus, textbook, lecture notes, study guides, handouts, homework sheets, writing supplies, etc.) to each session. 
  • Arrive at tutoring sessions on time. 
  • Notify my tutor and/or TLC as soon as possible if I will miss an appointment. 
  • Sign into and out of TLC at the front desk to use tutoring services. (Note for Athletes: not logging out of TLC each time will terminate all the time spent for that visit, to one minute.)

   I understand… 

  • It is not the tutor’s responsibility to re-lecture, re-teach a textbook chapter, summarize the entire textbook, give me answers, do the homework, provide exam reviews, help me with take-home quizzes or exams, etc. 
  • After 15 minutes, I have “missed” my appointment time, and my tutor may no longer be available.  
  • Tutoring sessions are scheduled for up to one hour per subject, per day. The length of a tutoring session may also be determined by my tutor.  
  • If I have questions outside of normal TLC business hours, I will contact my instructor or use NetTutor.