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The mission of the Teacher Education Department of East Central College is to be a teaching and learning community committed to providing educational experiences in partnership with the local schools that prepare students with the knowledge base and specialized skills to become a reflective practitioner. The program is offered at the ECC Union and Rolla locations.

Students who complete the initial admission into the College declare their program of study as either an AAS-Early Childhood, or Pre-Admit Teaching. After Pre-Admit Teaching majors are enrolled in and scheduled to complete the first semester coursework (all general education courses) on the AAT degree plan they are eligible to apply for admission into the AAT Degree Program.

AAS – Early Childhood – The Associate of Applied Science degree in early childhood education includes coursework in general education plus an additional sequence of coursework in child development, educational strategies, technology, and related academic disciplines. Students completing the coursework in the early childhood program are prepared to enter the workforce as trained early childhood educators.

AAT – Associate of Arts in Teaching (transfer degree for Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary and Special Education) The Associate of Arts in Teaching degree is an articulated transfer degree with Missouri public and private colleges and universities. The ECC curriculum includes the first two-year of standard teacher education courses along with general education coursework. Student beginning the degree are considered Pre-Admit Teaching students until they have applied and received admittance into the AAT program

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Dr. William Cunningham, Division Chair
Phone: 636-584-6651
Office: BH 208

Mr. Gregory Stotler, Teacher Education Coordinator
Phone: 636-584-6612
Office: HH 257