Transfer Degree

Start Here. Go Anywhere!
Our Associate of Arts transfer degree is a great opportunity for you to complete two years with East Central College and transfer to a 4-year university!
Classes transfer
to any Missouri University
Small class sizes
Average of 16 students per class
Lower tuition
than any private or public university
ECC offers several pathways in an Associate of Arts degree to match a student’s interest and will best prepare a student for future success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I complete an AA degree instead of a few classes to transfer?

By completing an AA degree, your general education courses should transfer as a block to an university, meaning you have met the general education requirements. If you transfer without the AA degree, the transfer school will evaluate each class independently. Sometimes you can get scholarship money for having the AA degree. Every institution is different, so do your research.

What is CORE 42?

CORE 42 is a block of at least 42 credit hours that will transfer as equivalent credit at all public colleges and universities in Missouri. The Core 42 curriculum streamlines the transfer of college credit and reduces the need to retake courses you have already completed at another school, helping you earn a degree in less time and at less cost. More than 2,000 courses are included in the curriculum!

What is the 42 hour general education block?

The 42 hour block is the general education core classes. Basically, it is the AA degree with no electives. Some schools will accept this in lieu of the degree as having met the general education requirements. Please check with your transfer institution to determine if this will be accepted. You can request to have this stamped on your transcript, if applicable.