Co-Curricular Assessment

East Central College’s co-curricular activities are structured learning activities that complement and augment formal curriculum, and include non-credit and credit-bearing experiences. Co-curricular opportunities can be embedded within existing academic programs or be adjacent to academic and extra-curricular programs. Co-curriculum at East Central College aims to be experiential, transformative, and accessible, while being collaboratively interwoven with the college’s academic, cultural, and extra-curricular opportunities. (Adopted 1-25-2018)


Co-curricular activities at ECC will:

  • fulfill ECC’s Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (Critical Thinking, Communication, Social Responsibility, and Personal and Professional Development)
  • reflect ECC’s Mission Statement
  • be tied to ECC’s Strategic Plan
  • offer transformative experiential learning opportunities within all programs and emphasis areas
  • be accessible to all students

2019-20 Co-Curricular Assessment


2018-19 Co-Curricular Assessment

Co-Curricular activities were identified for assessment based on the definition above. Assessment was designed to measure the overall success/impact of each activity, as well as the activities’ impact on the Common Learning Objectives. These Common Learning Objectives (Communication, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical and Social Responsibility) have been in place for a number of years and are in the revision process. With that in mind, assessment related to these objectives was somewhat limited, and largely based on indirect assessment.

The most powerful elements of co-curricular assessment in this report are the rich, qualitative data found in the reflections from both students and faculty advisors. These reflections will form the basis for future development of co-curricular activities, as well as assessment of these activities.

Civic and Community Engagement (Including Film and Lecture Series and Montgomery Trip)

Student Media Assessment

Student Government Officers Assessment

London Spring Break Assessment

Co-Curricular Assessment

  • Chair: Leigh Kolb, Assistant Professor, English and Journalism/ECC Student Publications Advisor
  • Co-chair:  Emily Durham, Coordinator, Campus Life and Leadership/SGA Advisor