Month: October 2019

New Members Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa

October 30, 2019 | Campus News

New Members Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa

New members of Phi Theta Kappa were inducted into the Chi Delta chapter during its annual Fall Induction Ceremony. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the international honor society for two-year colleges. As a member of PTK, students will pursue the society’s hallmarks of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship.

“Students must have at least a 3.4 GPA and be a full-time student for one semester in order to be invited into PTK,” explains PTK Advisor Kevin Dixon. “After being inducted, students must maintain a 3.2 GPA.”

“It was an honor to welcome 36 dedicated students into Phi Theta Kappa this fall,” said ECC president Dr. Jon Bauer. “It is always exciting to see our students’ hard work pay off.”

Membership is open to students pursuing a degree or certificate, no matter the major. The keynote speaker for the induction ceremony was Igho Ekakitie, Chapter Vice President of the Alpha Psi Tau Chapter at Ozarks Technical Community College.

  • Caitlynn Fleming (St. Clair)
  • Courtney Barylski (Gerald)
  • Brooke Davis (Catawissa)
  • Emma Skornia (Rosebud)
  • Maya McCord (Lake Sherwood)
  • Christine Yearwood (Owensville)
  • Chloe Sinklear (Saint Clair)
  • Benjamin Jackson (New Haven)
  • Samantha Rogers (Sullivan)
  • Louis McCurry (Rosebud)
  • Erin Hawkins (Saint Clair)
  • Kelly Diener (New Haven)
  • MacKenzie Rolf (Beaufort)
  • Nicholas Pereira (Villa Ridge)
  • Malaina Mastin (Sullivan)
  • Montana Chitwood (Union)
  • Lauren Zweifel (Union)
  • Emily Juergens (Sullivan)
  • Audrey Bandowski (Union)
  • Makayla Bevfoden (Union)
  • Sean Condon (House Springs)
  • Tiffany Davis (Saint Clair)
  • Sara Gaines (Villa Ridge)
  • Caleb Hess (Washington)
  • Ethan Jankowski (Union)
  • James Johnson (Marthasville)
  • Hannah Kenny (Washington)
  • Rachel Licklider (Saint Clair)
  • William Mullins (Washington)
  • Karlie Peth (Beaufort)
  • Payton Ruediger (Washington)
  • Abigail Saleniuc (Union)
  • Chasity Smith (Robertsville)
  • Hannah Stuckey (Sullivan)
  • Josie Weir (Hermann)
  • Hannah Whitacre (Washington)
  • Anna Wright (Gerald)




Clemco Welding Apprentices Complete ECC Training

October 23, 2019 | Campus News

Clemco Welding Apprentices Complete ECC Training

A group of Clemco employees recently finished their required welding training as part of an overall apprenticeship program through East Central College.

The four employees spent 40 weeks in the welding lab of the ECC Business and Industry Center, learning SMAW, GMAW & GTAW welding techniques. The welding training is part of a 6,000 hour Welder Combination Apprenticeship Certification through the U.S. Department of Labor.

“The new welding skills our employees have will be valuable to our organization,” says Lou Ann Feldmann, Vice President, Manufacturing, Clemco Industries Corporation. “The apprenticeship program is a great combination of on the job training at our facility and classroom and lab work at the College. We need a talented workforce and this program will help Clemco stay competitive.”

The cost of the East Central College course tuition and fees was funded through the Missouri Registered Apprenticeship program managed by the state of Missouri’s Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development. For more information contact Melissa Richards at or 636-649-5806

HVAC Program Welcomes High School Students into the Classroom

October 21, 2019 | Campus News

For the first time, high school students are getting the opportunity to earn college credit in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program on the East Central College campus.

“It’s a great program,” said Union High School student Nick Luechtefeld. “It’s been a lot of fun so far. There is definitely a lot to take in!”

“We really felt there was a need to expand our HVAC program offerings in the area,” said Dr. Richard Hudanick, Dean of Career and Technical Education. “Creating a schedule that allowed for high school students to participate during their regular school day was key to that goal.”

Currently, students from Union High School, Washington High School and St. Clair High School are taking part. After completion of the program, each student will earn a Certificate of Achievement in HVAC from East Central College.

“Students are developing the skills they need to immediately enter the workforce after high school,” said Hudanick, “but they will also have the opportunity to continue their education and earn an associate of applied science degree.”

Students in the East Central College HVAC program learn the basics of installation, maintenance and repair on equipment related to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, preparing them to enter a career as a technician.

ECC to Host Humanities Fest

October 18, 2019 | Campus News

The ECC English and Humanities Department will host its third annual Humanities Fest for area high school students Thursday, Nov. 14, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event showcases the Humanities at ECC and beyond, and offers students breakout sessions about poetry, foreign language, philosophy, speech performance and fiction writing, and they will be able to explore the academic and career pathways that are available within the Humanities.

Students were also invited to submit their own creative work into contests, including Spanish, speech, journalistic writing, photography, poetry and creative nonfiction. Winners are announced at the end of the Humanities Fest; first place winners receive $100, and certificates are also awarded to second and third place winners. ​Lunch will be provided to attendees.​

This year’s keynote speaker, poet Jeanette Powers, will begin with a poetry reading, and also offer a poetry workshop. Powers is a writer-artist and self-described “working-class anarchist, non-binary queer and listener of rivers and bats” who is known to “skygaze day and night.” Powers is a founding editor of Stubborn Mule Press and an organizer for FountainVerse: KC Small Press Poetry Fest. Powers most recent book of poetry is “Sparkle Princess vs Suicidal Phoenix,” out through Spartan Press. Powers’s paintings will also be featured at Leedy Voulkos Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri in February 2020 as well as a month-long residency in Iceland in January 2020. For more information, visit

The ECC Art Department will also be hosting their annual Visiting Artist Demo for local high-schoolers, so there will be many opportunities on campus to be exposed to and inspired by the Arts and Humanities.

ECC offers transfer degrees in the Arts and Humanities with emphasis areas in English, Journalism/Mass Media, Theater, Fine Arts or Music.

Students or teachers will need to RSVP for the event by Thursday, Oct. 24. For more information, contact event organizer and English and Humanities Department Chair Josh Stroup at or 636-584-6646.

ECC Hosts Math and Science Career Night

October 15, 2019 | Campus News

According to the Department of Labor Statistics, employment in occupations related to STEM—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—is projected to grow to more than 9 million by 2022.

To help high school students prepare for the jobs of tomorrow, East Central College is teaming up with Missouri S&T for Math and Science Career Night. On Wednesday, October 23 from 7-9 p.m., area high school students will get the chance to hear first-hand accounts of what it’s like to work in the STEM field. They will also get advice on what they can do to best prepare for college while in high school.

The event is being held in the East Central College Theater. Parents are also welcome to attend.

Please contact Linda Arrington at 636-584-6677 or for more information.

ECC Recognizes Employees for Years of Service

October 8, 2019 | Campus News

ECC Recognizes Employees for Years of Service

East Central College recognizes the hard work and commitment of our employees every year. We value their dedication to our students’ needs and educational goals and to the community ECC serves.

The Annual Service Awards Recognition banquet honors those who have been with ECC for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years. “These milestones represent a combined 240 years of service to the college and our students,” said Dr. Jon Bauer, president of East Central College. “The ECC board of trustees and I are deeply appreciative of the dedicated faculty and staff at the College.”

 Service Award Winners:

 25 Years – Laura Deason

20 Years – Linda Barro

15 Years – Erin Anglin, Grace Austin, Brook Burgess, Sarah Scroggins, Shaun Roberson

10 Years – Stacy Bellville, Reginald Brigham, Brenda Eckelkamp, Heather Kleekamp, Laura Roselli Insall, Timothy Sexton, Patsy Watts

5 Years – Kerry Blocker, Patricia Crumpecker, Joel Doepker, Dee Gibbs, Matthew Gifford, Bethany Herron, Yohanes Kurniawan, Lavonda Lawson, Clarence Schoonover, Gregory Stotler

The ECC Culinary Department provided dinner for award winners and their guests.

20 Years: Linda Barro

15 Years: (L to R): Erin Anglin, Shaun Roberson, Sarah Scroggins


10 Years: (L to R): Heather Kleekamp, Brenda Eckelkamp, Stacy Bellville, Laura Roselli Insall, Reginald Brigham

5 Years: (L to R): Clarence Schoonover, Bethany Herron, Kerry Blocker, Joel Doepker, Greg Stotler, Dee Gibbs, Lavonda Lawson

University of Missouri and Missouri community colleges establish transfer partnership

October 6, 2019 | Campus News

Representatives from the Missouri Community College Association and MU will work together to ensure pathways to Mizzou are open for students

Contact: Liz McCune, 573-882-6212,

On the heels of significant growth in the University of Missouri’s transfer student population, MU leaders and the state’s community colleges signed an articulation agreement today highlighting their shared commitment to increase opportunities for student access and success.

Picture of leaders gathered before signing the agreement

University of Missouri leaders and the state’s community colleges signed an agreement that ensures ease of transition to Mizzou.

“Missouri’s community colleges play such a vital role across our state and in the lives of so many students and their families,” said Chancellor Alexander N. Cartwright, who attended community college prior to transferring and receiving his bachelor’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Iowa. “I know firsthand how a two-year college can lead to a premier university like Mizzou and promising career. As the state’s flagship, land-grant university, it’s our responsibility to ensure that the pathways to Mizzou are clear and that we’re doing everything we can to support the success of all of our students.”

The agreement, signed by a dozen community colleges in the state, offers students who have met certain requirements guaranteed admission to Mizzou. Requirements include meeting’s MU’s admissions requirements and having completed an associate of arts (transfer) degree, associate of applied science degrees in nursing or teaching; or completing a 42-hour general education block of courses.

“The agreement formalizes our partnership that has been growing over the past several years,” said Brian Millner, president and CEO of the Missouri Community College Association and an MU alumnus. “I am proud of my alma mater for opening its doors to students from diverse educational paths, ensuring they feel welcome and putting in place supports to help them complete their degrees in a timely manner. This partnership is good for students, and it’s good for the state.”

“This agreement further strengthens ECC’s 50 year relationship with the University of Missouri and greatly benefits our transfer degree students,” says Dr. Jon Bauer, president of East Central College. “Students have a straighter path to easily transfer from ECC to MU.”

ECC transfer students perform well at the University of Missouri. Once they completed a full academic year at Mizzou the grade point average for 2017 fall semester ECC transfer students was 3.59 while the GPA for 2018 fall semester ECC transfer students was 3.62.

Among the over 30,000 students taking classes at the University of Missouri this fall, 1,192 are new students transferred to Mizzou from other institutions –- a 16% increase from last fall. Nearly half of MU’s new transfer students — 512 — are from Missouri community colleges.

MU leaders credit several supports for transfer students as key to the increase. Transfer Experience and Advising Mentors, or TEAM, is a 10-week program that combines one-on-one mentoring and weekly group meetings to assist transfer students in their professional, academic and personal development.

This is a picture of UM System President Mun Choi talking about community college transfer agreements during the luncheon on Oct. 4

Abigail Wilhite, a junior studying political science, transferred to MU from Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City and has been active with TEAM. She said that having a TEAM mentor, a supportive advisor and activities that are open to all students helped her to transition as a transfer student.

“I met my best friends through TEAM and by participating in Mizzou Alternative Breaks,” she said. “My transition was smooth, but it was still a big adjustment. There are so many more students here, and I’m very competitive by nature. I had to learn that it’s not so much about how I compare to other students — I’m competing against myself, and I have to push to do my best.”

In addition to a transfer center on campus, several colleges and departments at MU also have groups that assist transfer students in meeting others in the program, learning about campus involvement, and exploring undergraduate research opportunities and other resources.

“There are several paths for student success at Mizzou,” said Kim Humphrey, vice provost for Enrollment Management at MU. “Through partnerships with community colleges, Mizzou is committed to ensuring that all Missourians have access to high-quality and affordable education.”

The two-year community colleges included in the agreement are below:

  • Crowder College
  • East Central College
  • Jefferson College
  • Metropolitan Community College (all campuses)
  • Mineral Area College
  • Moberly Area Community College
  • North Central Missouri College
  • Ozarks Technical Community College (all campuses)
  • St. Charles Community College
  • St. Louis Community College (all campuses)
  • State Fair Community College
  • Three Rivers Community College

After Devastating House Fire, Student Pushes Forward to Earn Degree

October 2, 2019 | Campus News

She started college when she was 29 years old. For nearly three years, she took online classes to take her general education requirements.

“I couldn’t really leave home,” Angela Trentmann explained. “I had to take care of two kids while my husband worked full time.”

After her children were finally old enough to attend school all day, she made her move.

“I immediately enrolled in the East Central College nursing program,” she explained. “It was close to home, and I could actually afford it!”

During her first semester, tragedy struck. During one of her nursing classes, Angela got a phone call. Her house was on fire.

“My husband had just recently had back surgery and was inside when it started,” she said. “He was only able to get out with the help of a complete stranger pulling him out of the window.”

The house was a total loss. Everything her family had owned was suddenly gone.

“One of my first thoughts was ‘oh no, all my nursing books are gone,” she recalled.

“When I heard about what happened, I called Angela as soon as I could,” said Nancy Mitchell, Dean of Health Sciences. “I told her not to worry about her books. We would take care of it.”

Two days later when Angela returned to class, a stack of new books was waiting for her. That wasn’t all.

“Throughout the next few weeks I received donations, gift cards, clothes and toys for my children,” Angela said. “It had all come from faculty, staff and my fellow classmates. What happened to my family was a disaster, but the generosity and love we received after the fire was incredible.”

Once the dust had settled, Angela continued pushing forward toward her nursing degree. She admits it wasn’t easy.

“I had many moments when I thought I couldn’t get through it and wanted to quit,” she said, “but there was someone always telling me I could do it!”

Her persistence paid off, and she graduated in 2019. She is currently using the skills she learned at East Central College in the Critical Care Unit at Missouri Baptist Hospital in Sullivan.