Computer Information Systems

Microsoft Cybersecurity Scholarship

Mission Statement

The Computer Information Systems program prepares students for successful careers in CIS by offering degree programs that provide broad-based and fundamental technical, interpersonal, communication, and customer service skills in high-demand areas.

Be an IT Professional — a Problem Solver of technology-related issues!

The strength of a Computer Information Systems career lies in your ability to apply the knowledge of information systems and technology to help organizations compete more successfully in the marketplace or to streamline current operations.

CIS Outcome Goals (PDF)

CIS students:

  • Bring excitement about new technology and figuring out how things work
  • Have a constant willingness to learn new things (technology is always changing)
  • Enjoy solving problems and applying skills through hands-on experience
  • Gain real-life, practical experience through internship requirement
  • Achieve industry-recognized Information Technology certifications

Degrees & Certificates

Computer Information Systems, AAS

Program Description

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program at East Central College prepares students for a technical, database, or security emphasis. The program includes a rigorous curriculum of online courses preparing the student for success in small or large businesses. Graduates of the CIS program hold titles such as: Computer programmer, customer support specialist, computer technician, and database manager. The program covers a wide variety of topics including computer programming, hardware, operating systems, web design, and database management. This program will prepare students for entry-level positions in the following areas:

  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Hardware Maintenance and Repair
  • Database Management
  • Help Desk/Cybersecurity

Successful completion of program requirements provides the student with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Information Systems.

Program Format

The CIS degree is a two-year online program.  Students enrolled in this program should have an excitement for new technology, have a constant willingness to learn new technology, solving problems, and apply skills through hands-on experience. Students gain real-life, practical experience through the program’s internship requirement. Students will have an opportunity to achieve industry-recognized information technology certifications. Courses are instructed by industry professionals from the fields of computer information systems, database management, and cybersecurity.

Articulation Agreement

East Central College and the University of Missouri-Columbia have entered a “2+2” agreement. Students wishing to complete ECC’s CIS AAS degree and then transfer to Mizzou’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology can carry forth their AAS degree and through two more years of college can earn a bachelor’s degree (See your ECC advisor for details).

Those pursuing a career in this field should:

  • Have an aptitude for math
  • Be able to analyze, compare and interpret facts and figures quickly
  • Clearly communicate the results of their work to clients and managers both verbally and in writing
  • Be good at working with people and on computers
  • Have a high standard of integrity

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Professional/Technical Skills: Students will demonstrate workforce readiness through opportunities to attain industry-recognized certifications.
  2. Critical Thinking: The student will be able to demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills to provide effective technical support to end-users.
  3. Communication: The student will be able to articulate appropriate terminology to communicate effectively.


Computer Information Systems, Certificate of Achievement

The Computer Information Systems is a 32-credit hour certificate consisting of foundational courses in technical and digital literature, Foundations of management information systems, basic operating systems, and capstone course. Students at this level can explore one of three program emphasis: database, technical support, or security.  These emphases prepare the student for the program’s degree pathway.

Program Outcomes

  1. Communication: The student will be able to articulate appropriate terminology to communicate effectively.
  2. Conceptional Knowledge: Students will gain an understanding of the role computer information systems play in business and industry.

Computer Information Systems, Helpdesk: Certificate of Specialization

The Computer Information Systems is a short-term, 13-credit hour certificate intended to be completed in one semester and consist of the following foundational courses:

  • Technical and Digital literacy
  • Computer Operations and Maintenance
  • Introduction to Security OR Operating Systems
  • HelpDesk Fundamentals

These emphases prepare the student for the program’s degree pathway.

Program Outcomes

  1. Communication: The student will be able to articulate appropriate terminology to communicate effectively.
  2. Conceptional Knowledge: Students will gain an understanding of the role computer information systems play in business and industry.
The Microsoft Cybersecurity Scholarship Program, powered by Last Mile Education Fund, addresses diversity and talent shortages in the cybersecurity field by facilitating community college degree and industry certification completion for historically excluded students pursuing cybersecurity careers.
All students with financial need are eligible to apply. Groups underrepresented in the cybersecurity workforce are especially encouraged to apply, including those who identify as women, non-binary, and/or Black/LatinX/Indigenous, veterans, and/or have a disability.
*Students are only eligible to receive one award from this program.* This is not a loan.

Scholarship Support

The Microsoft Cybersecurity Scholarship Program provides the following types of support:
  • Financial assistance up to $500. Financial assistance is intended to cover short-term basic needs, such as food, rent, health-related, transportation/car issues, and/or a laptop/device OR
  • Exam Certification Vouchers for exams valued up to $375
  • Free LinkedIn Premium accounts to help close the networking gap
  • Access to local GitHub sponsored events and GitHub Education benefits, including the Student Developer Pack

Student Eligibility

  • Residing in the United States
  • Currently enrolled in a cybersecurity-related program, including bootcamps, at a 2-year institution in the United States, such as a community college or technical school.
  • Able to demonstrate financial need (see requirements below)
Before completing this application, please assemble the following documents and information for upload:
  • If enrolled in a 2 year program: your current transcript clearly showing your name that includes the current academic term and courses you are enrolled in now, includes the name of your post-secondary institution and your major/minor areas of study or industry certification program. Unofficial transcripts are accepted
  • If enrolled in a community college based bootcamp: proof of enrollment agreement that includes your name and recent date of enrollment
  • Your LinkedIn profile (**this is required and incomplete or invalid LinkedIn profiles links will make you ineligible for funding. To set up a LinkedIn profile, visit: and a link to your GitHub profile, if available
Note: By completing this application you are agreeing to subscribe to the Last Mile Education Fund newsletter, receive email communications from Last Mile Education Fund, and participate in surveys and/or interviews with the our research and evaluation team to help improve our programs and offerings.

Scholarship Application

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