The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning program offers an Associates of Applied Science or Certificate of Specialization.  Students will learn the basics of installation, maintenance, and repair, preparing them to enter the workforce as technicians. Today’s air conditioning and heating systems control the temperature, humidity, and cleanliness of the air in homes, offices, factories, and schools as people find way to make their environment comfortable.

Controlling the environment is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Modern refrigeration systems make it possible to safely store food, drugs, and other perishable items. Energy efficiency and the cost of operation of HVAC/R equipment affects us all as a society and individuals.

East Central offers two tracks in HVAC/R including a Day and Evening part-time option. Please consult degree plans and meet with the ECC HVAC/R Program Coordinator/Instructor for advisement.

 Mission Statement:“East Central College will be the Innovative Premier Educational Provider of HVAC Technology with Advanced Concepts in Energy Solutions”


The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning program has one degree and one certificate offering for students to consider. The degree and certificate are based on the number of credit hours needed for completion.

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree

The Certificate of Achievement in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Courses

HVC 103 Refrigeration Recovery/EPA Certificate1
HVC 104 Refrigerant A/C Installation I4
HVC 105 Forced Air Heating I4
HVC 106 Heating and Equipment Installation I4
HVC 107 Introduction to Heating and Cooling2
HVC 108 Introduction to Heating and Cooling II2
HVC 121 Residential Electricity3
HVC 125 Residential Energy Management3
HVC 126 Applied Sheet Metal I3
HVC 130 Refrigeration Components & Electical Fundamentals Lecture5
HVC 131 Refrigeration Components & Electical Fundamentals Lab3
HVC 132 Refrigeration AC Install, Test & Troubleshooting Lecture5
HVC 133 Refrigeration AC Install, Test & Troubleshooting Lab3
HVC 134 Forced Air Heating/AC System & Controls Lecture5
HVC 135 Forced Air Heating/AC System & Controls Lab3
HVC 136 Heating Equipuipment Service & Install Lecture5
HVC 137 Heating Equipuipment Service & Install Lab3
HVC 138 Commercial Energy Management3
HVC 139 Energy Auditing3
HVC 149 Refrigeration Recovery/EPA Certification0.5
HVC 150 Refrigerant Safety Certificate-R410-A0.5
HVC 151 Energy Audit and Green Technology3
HVC 165 Internship1
HVC 169 Introduction to Refrigeration Lecture1
HVC 170 Introduction to Refrigeration Lab1.5
HVC 171 Systems & Components Lecture1
HVC 172 Systems & Components Lab1
HVC 173 App Electical Fundamentals Lecture2
HVC 174 App Electical Fundamentals Lab1
HVC 175 Theory of A/C & Equipment Install Lecture1.5
HVC 176 Theory of A/C & Equipment Install Lab1
HVC 177 Test, Diagnosis & Troubleshooting Lecture2
HVC 178 Test, Diagnosis & Troubleshooting Lab1.5
HVC 179 Refrigerants & Environment1.5
HVC 180 Introduction to HVAC Lecture2
HVC 181 Intro to HVAC Lab1
HVC 182 Forced-Air Systems Lecture1
HVC 183 Forced-Air Systems Lab1
HVC 184 Heating Control Systems Lecture2
HVC 185 Heating Control Systems Lab1
HVC 186 Heating Equipment Installation Lecture1
HVC 187 Heating Equipment Installation Lab1
HVC 188 Heating Equipment Service & Repair Lecture2
HVC 189 Heating Equipment Service & Repair Lab2
HVC 190 HVAC Capstone II3
HVC 200 Assessment0
HVC 204 Refrigerant A/C Installation II4
HVC 205 Forced Air Heating II4
HVC 206 Heating & Equipment Installation II4
HVC 231 Advanced Residential Equipment Install3
HVC 251 Commercial Chilled Water Application3
HVC 265 HVAC Internship3
HVC 270 I.S.-AC and Refrigeration1 - 5
HVC 280 Special Topics-Air Conditioning1 - 5
HVC 290 Customer Service & Employment Skills1.5
HVC 295 HVAC Capstone II3

David DeArmond

Program Coordinator/HVAC Instructor

Office Phone: 636-649-5821

Front Desk Phone: 636-649-5803