Branding Guidelines

sealUnity. Quality. Reputation

East Central College is well known and widely respected as an exceptional institution, providing quality education throughout the east central Missouri region. We are best known for our name and reputation, rather than as a singular visual mark or logo. For East Central, then, “branding” means providing clear, unified identity standards that allow the many parts of the College to leverage the greatest strength of East Central’s name and reputation in ways that support the mission of each individual department and program.

Having a strong College-wide identity adds to each program and department’s value while reinforcing the collective value of the institution as a whole. A clear set of identity standards:

  • Provides a single brand that endows all of the College’s quality and excellence onto each unit.
  • Limits duplication of effort and resources across the College by minimizing the cost of trademark, design, legal, and other branding expenses.
  • Prevents dilution of the College’s brand.
  • Applies the brand management expertise of East Central’s marketing professionals across the entire College.
  • Builds a sense of shared identity, community and pride.