ECC Logos

The East Central College logo is the strongest visible representation of the College. It is more than a visual mark, it is the face of the organization and should be consistent across all mediums.

Logos can be requested in multiple formats: EPS, PNG, JPG

Please specify which logo you need and what the usage will be to determine which format would be best.

To request a logo, please contact

File Formats
File TypeDescriptionUsage
EPSVector file, scalablelarge-format printing, embroidery, embossing
JPGRaster fileweb, digital
PNGRaster fileweb, digital, where background transparency is required

Primary Logo

Primary Full Color, with tagline

Color Variations

Primary ECC Blue, with tagline
Primary ECC Black, with tagline
Primary ECC Reversed, with tagline
Primary ECC Reversed 2 Color, with tagline

Logo Variations

Primary ECC Logo, no tagline
Primary ECC Blue, no tagline
Primary ECC Black, no tagline
Primary ECC Reversed, no tagline
Primary ECC Reversed 2 Color, no tagline

Secondary Logo

The use of the secondary logo is not to be substituted for the primary logo due to preference. The secondary logo can be used if the primary logo doesn’t fit the space needed. It is preferred to only use the secondary logo in places where it is recognizable as the East Central mascot. Not in places such as the interstate where ECC is not common to the viewers of the logo.

ECC initials with Falcon - Full Color
ECC initials with Falcon - Blue
ECC initials with Falcon - Black
ECC initials with Falcon - White

Official Seal

The official seal is limited to diplomas, items for Commencement and other ceremonial events as well as communication from the office of the president. Because special permission is required for its use, it is not available for download online. Questions about the use of the official seal should be directed to the

Falcon Variations

Falcon Head - Full Color
Falcon Head - Blue
Falcon Head - Black
Falcon Head - White
Full Falcon - Full Color
Full Falcon - Blue
Full Falcon - Black
Full Falcon - White

Athletic Logos

The following logos are reserved for use by the East Central Athletic Department. The only other designs that should utilize these logos are pieces created for the admissions office. No academic department should utilize the athletic logos. Only the East Central College banner may be removed from the Falcons logos on any designs that feature the name of the College in a prominent way.

Athletic Logo
ECC Initials - Full Color
Soccer Logo
Soccer Word Mark
Softball Logo
Softball Word Mark
Volleyball Logo
Volleyball Word Mark
Baseball Logo
Baseball Word Mark
Falcons with Falcon Head
Falcons Word Mark
Home of the Falcons Banner
Falcons with Full Falcon
Falcons with Full Falcon and ECC Banner
Full Falcon and ECC Banner

Auxiliary Logos