ECC Logos

East Central College is identified by a number of different visual marks that should be used on all internal and external communications. The intended use for these marks should be well thought out when being used in any communication. Certain identifying marks are to be used by specific departments and/or organizations and should not be used for the promotion of academics. Below are all of the approved logos for use by the College and their intended uses. The main college logos are provided in .jpg and .eps formats. Additional formats can be requested from the Public Relations department at

Academic Logos

The official logo of East Central College is the trademark swoosh. This logo should be used for all academic purposes and marketing. The tagline “Inspiring Excellence” should be included in design pieces directed internally and externally.

Download ECC Logo (High Resolution)



The official seal is limited to diplomas, items for Commencement and other ceremonial events as well as communication from the office of the president. Because special permission is required for its use, it is not available for download online. Questions about the use of the official seal should be directed to the Public Relations office.

Ancillary Logos

The following logos are reserved for use by their specific organizations.


Athletic Logos 

The following logos are reserved for use by the East Central Athletic Department. The only other designs that should utilize these logos are pieces created for the admissions office. No academic department should utilize the athletic logos. Only the East Central College banner may be removed from the Falcons logos on any designs that feature the name of the College in a prominent way.