Marketing Requests

East Central College is proud to offer marketing services to all of our departments and academic programs. By offering these services, we are helping you to expedite the process of having your publication approved for official use.

For certain publications, standard templates have been developed to provide departments with brochures, posters, post cards and other information that can be used to market your department and program offerings. For press releases and events, please include the who, what, when, where and why.

Please submit your marketing request 30 working days prior to your desired completion date. This allows time for any needed discussion about the publication’s photography, content and editing. We will no longer be able to guarantee completion of anything submitted after the 30-day notice. The public relations department will work with you to determine if the piece(s) are printed in-house or through an external printing company. Allow additional time if the communication will be mailed off-campus.

While we understand last-minute events and changes do happen, we want to start communication as soon as possible to better serve you. Thank you for your help and understanding.

Complete the project request form and send it to

In an effort to maintain a consistent college brand, having a third-party design a communication is discouraged in an effort to maintain the ECC brand identity. In the rare occasion a third-party designer is utilized, the communication must use the East Central College logo.