Social Media

Social media sites offer a valuable way to engage and communicate with students, alumni and the public in the life of East Central College. However, it is critical that we ensure a united presence so that users have a clear understanding of who we are.

Below you’ll find social media guidelines and best practices for social media sites. The Office of Communications and Marketing can provide guidance if you’re unsure about how to properly use a logo or have other questions about branding issues in these platforms. In most cases, it may be best for a group to use existing official College-level channels to broadcast their message.


Maintain East Central College Confidentiality

Do not post confidential or proprietary information about East Central College, its students, its alumni, or your fellow employees. Use good ethical judgment and follow the College’s policies and federal requirements, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Maintain Privacy

Do not discuss a situation involving named or pictured East Central community members on a social media site without their permission. As a guideline, do not post anything that you would not present in any public forum.

Be Thoughtful

Before composing a message that might act as the “voice” or position of the College, please discuss the content with the Public Relations department. If you ever have any question about whether a message you are crafting is appropriate to post in your role as an East Central employee, contact the Public Relations department before you post.

Respect College Time and Property

It’s appropriate to post at work if your comments are directly related to accomplishing work goals, such as seeking sources for information or working with others to resolve a problem. You should participate in personal social media conversations on your own time.

Be Responsible

What you write is ultimately your responsibility. Participation in social networking on behalf of East Central is not a right but an opportunity, so please treat it seriously and with respect. Keep in mind that if you are posting with a College username, other users do not know you personally. They view what you post as coming from the College. What you say directly reflects on the College. Discuss with the Public Relations department the circumstances in which you are empowered to respond directly to users and when you may need approval.

Be Accurate

Make sure that you have all the facts before you post. It’s better to verify information with a source first than to have to post a correction or retraction later. Cite and link to your sources whenever possible––that’s how you build community.


  • Assign an administrator who regularly monitors postings and content.
  • Create a content calendar with pre-planned content for slow periods. Aim for standard times for postings and updates.
  • While the recommended minimum frequency is at least once a day, be sure not to overload your followers with updates.


Stagnant Accounts

Social Media practices recommend that a social media account that is dormant (no posts, no activity) for more than SIX months, be deleted, as such inactivity reflects poorly on the College.

Contact the Public Relations department with any questions or concerns you may have in regard to a social media platform representing East Central College.