Steps to Enroll

These steps are for students planning to enroll at an ECC location or online, including the First Class Tuition Pass Summer Program.

Students planning to take dual credit courses at a high school location should check with their guidance counselor for on-site enrollment details, rather than complete the steps below.

1. Complete Application for Admission.

    • Students who plan to enroll in courses at ECC locations or online should choose Dual Enrollment on the Application for Admission.
    • Students who plan to enroll in courses at their high school should choose Dual Credit on the Application for Admission.
    • Students under age 17 need to complete the additional Special Admissions Form.

2. Send unofficial high school transcript.

3. Enroll with an advisor.

    • Email, or call 636-584-6588 to discuss the course(s) you wish to take.
    • We can help you choose courses to meet your needs and typically recommend general education, Core 42 classes.
    • Click here to search our course schedule.

4. Activate your eCentral account, and start checking your ECC FalconMail email account.

    • You will receive your login information by mail, within a week of submitting your Application for Admission.
    • Click the eCentral link at the top of our homepage to activate your account.
    • As a college student, you are expected to check your email frequently.

5. Pay for courses by the payment deadline.

    • You can pay online through your eCentral account, in person, or by calling the Cashier’s Office at 636-584-6739.
    • During summer terms, we offer one class tuition-free through our First Class Tuition Pass for students who will be juniors or seniors the following fall. Students are only responsible for general fees, course fees, and books.

6. Purchase course material.

7. Attend class. 

    • We strongly recommend that you review How to Succeed at ECC prior to the start of your coursework.
    • Please note: Students who do not attend class or participate in an online class within the first 14 days will be dropped for non-attendance.