Do I need to make an appointment to see a tutor or use a group study room?

For tutors: Appointments are preferred because they guarantee your time with the tutor of your choosing. However, we do our best to see students without appointments as quickly as possible. To make an appointment, call (636)584-6688 or stop by The Learning Center main desk.

For group study rooms: Our group study rooms contain white boards, eBeam boards, and projectors connected to computers. These rooms may be reserved in two hour blocks in advance by calling (636)584-6688 or stopping by The Learning Center desk. If you need a study room, but don’t have one reserved, stop by the Learning Center to check availability. We can normally accommodate last-minute requests.

Do I need to make an appointment or can I just stop by when I need a tutor?

Tutoring sessions function best when you make an appointment with the tutor. This assures your time with the tutor and gives you and the tutor time to prepare for your session.


What services does The Learning Center offer for students with disabilities?

The Learning Center houses an Adaptive Lab that is staffed during most of our operating hours. The Adaptive Lab contains equipment designed to help students with a variety of disabilities. Students who want to use the Adaptive Lab should contact ACCESS.

Why do I need to log in and out every time?

Logging in and out each time you enter The Learning Center is important for many reasons. First, it allows us to keep track of our busy times so we can hire the appropriate number of tutors. Second, it gives the students a way to communicate to staff any concerns they may have with the center. Third, it helps us justify the need for more services such as computers, space, and staff.

Can I log in if I don’t have my student ID?

Yes. Just stop at the desk and tell us your name.

Want to be a tutor?

Stop by The Learning Center to speak with Erin Anglin.

Wireless access?

Yes, you will need to know your eCentral username and password. Make sure to choose the “ECC-Student” network. You should see a prompt to enter your eCentral username and password. The IT desk or many of The Learning Center staff can assist you if you have any difficulties.

How do I print?

Students can use their print card on any Learning Center computer to print in black and white. Color printing is not available on campus. Each semester, students may receive a free print card entitling them to print 200 sheets. Print cards are available at the Library and Learning Center desks.

At this time, due to network restrictions, students are not able to use their personal laptops, phones, or tablets to print on campus.

Is there a copier and how much does it cost?

A self-service copier is located across from The Learning Center front desk in BH 192. Copies are 10¢ each. The copier does not accept print cards.

Where can I find a scanner?

We have a scanner in The Learning Center, just ask at the front desk and we can point you to the specific computer or you may use the copier to email a copy to yourself.

Where can I fax?

The Student Service Center on the first floor of Buescher Hall will fax information if it pertains to the academic records (financial aid, transcript, registration, payment information, etc.) of the student.

Lost jump drive?

Check in the area where you left it, i.e. ask at the Library Desk if you were working in the quiet area toward the back, ask at the Learning Center desk if you were on one of the 45 computers. Check with the cashier’s window if you lost it elsewhere.