What resources does The Learning Center have for ECC students?

Here is a list of all the available items to use or check out in The Learning Center:

  • Our Learning Center Resource webpage.
  • Handouts
  • Graphing Calculators
  • Anatomical Models
  • Chemistry (Molecule) sets
  • Webcams
  • Headphones (with or without a microphone)
  • Textbooks (limited supply available and must stay in The Learning Center)
  • Boogie Board tablet (eWriter)
  • Large White Boards

How do I check out...( a calculator, textbook, headphones, anatomical models, chemistry set)

 All you need to check out an item from TLC is a valid ID…it could be your student ID, driver’s license, or passport. Just come to the front desk of TLC and tell us what you would like to use and we will exchange the item for your ID. When you return the item, we will return your ID. Simple as that!

How do I initiate a Live Online Tutoring Session?

If it is within our normal hours of operation, then start by first making an appointment by calling 636-584-6688, self-book HERE, or emailing us at general_tutoring@eastcentral.edu and indicating you want online tutoring, then subject and time. Same-day appointments are on a limited basis.  Click HERE to watch a short presentation.

If it is after hours or on the weekend, then visit NetTutor by logging into Canvas with your ECC username and password and clicking on the NetTutor option and follow the instructions given.



How do I submit a paper to the Online Writing Center?

Log in to Canvas with your ECC username and password, then click on the “Online Writing Center” card. Then just follow the instructions shown on the page.


What happens if I forget to cancel a tutoring appointment?

The first time we will let it slide but if it happens two or three times, then you will no longer be able to make appointments for the semester. Walk-in sessions will still be available if a tutor is open at that particular time or you might be asked to come back, if possible.

Where can I get handouts about a specific subject area(s)?

Just come to The Learning Center front desk and we will direct you to all the handouts we have available. You can also visit our Learning Resources webpage for more handouts, videos, and workshops.

May I walk back and use a group study room anytime?

Unfortunately, we ask just a bit more than walking back and sitting down. These rooms may be reserved in two-hour blocks by calling 636-584-6688 or stopping by The Learning Center front desk. If you need a study room, but don’t have one reserved, stop by the Learning Center to check availability. We can normally accommodate last-minute requests. Our group study rooms contain whiteboards, eBeam boards, and projectors connected to computers.

Why do I need to log in and out every time?

Logging in and out each time you enter The Learning Center is important for many reasons. First, it allows us to keep track of our busy times so we can hire the appropriate number of tutors. Second, it gives the students a way to communicate to staff any concerns they may have with the center. Third, it helps us justify the need for more services such as computers, space, and staff.

Can I log in if I don’t have my student ID?

Yes. Just stop at the desk and tell us your name.

Can I bring my child(ren) into The Learning Center?

Unfortunately No. We have students who frequent TLC for a space to study and learn with as few distractions as possible. The college manages its campus primarily for adults and is not held responsible for supervising children. Furthermore, students and faculty expect to be able to conduct their activities in an academic environment.

What services does The Learning Center offer for students with disabilities?

The Learning Center houses an Adaptive Lab that is staffed during most of our operating hours. The Adaptive Lab contains equipment designed to help students with a variety of disabilities. Students who want to use the Adaptive Lab should contact ACCESS Services or email denise.walker@eastcentral.edu

Want to be a tutor?

Stop by The Learning Center to speak with Erin Anglin.

Do I need to be an ECC student to use the Learning Center?

No, any community patron can use The Learning Center. Just come to the front desk and ask for a guest username and password to use one of our computers.

How do I print? Can I print from my own device?

Here’s how:

On your device, log in to print.eastcentral.edu with your MyECC username and password, and make sure the “Log on to” option says “student.eastcentral.edu” then click “Log-in.”

From here you can check your account balance by clicking on the “Balance” tab at the top. Primary is the free printing you get each semester (which is $10 and equates to 200 black & white sheets). Once the primary is depleted you will need to go to the cashier’s window during normal business hours or the library after hours to add to your paid account. **(The library can only accept cash)

Or to print, click on the “print” tab at the top and drag and drop the file that you want to print into the box or click on “Select File to Upload” and browse to the location of your file and select it. Then click “NEXT” in the right corner. On this screen, you will need to select the printer to print to. In The Learning Center, you can select: LearningCenter_Prt1 on STUPRTSVR or  LearningCenter_Prt2 on STUPRTSVR for black & white copies or LearningCenterColor_Prt1 on STUPRTSVR for color copies. (**Note color copies subtract 25 cents from the account.) After you select the printer, then select the number of copies needed, print on one side or both sides, and the color. (**If you are printing PowerPoint slides then you can select the “pages per sheet”)  Then click “NEXT” in the right corner. It will prompt for confirmation of the print job before sending it to the printer. If you are sure you want to print, click on the “PRINT NOW” button to release the job to the selected printer.

For Wi-Fi Printing, the only difference is that once logged in to print.eastcentral.edu from your device, you will be prompted to download the “WebPrint Print Manager” to your device. Install this software on your device and then follow the directions from above. (**Note: Wi-Fi printing may only be done in The Learning Center and Library.)

Wireless access?

Yes, you will need to know your MyECC username and password. Make sure to choose the “ECC-Student” network. You should see a prompt to enter your MyECC username and password. The IT desk or many of The Learning Center staff can assist you if you have any difficulties.

I don’t remember my login password. What do I do?

You have a couple of options:

If The Learning Center is open, then you can stop by and have someone help you. See our webpage for hours of operation.

If it is during a time when you can’t make it to campus, then you can reset your password by following the instructions at the Accessing Your Student Account page.

If you do not have an accessible/personal email on file with ECC, then this may not work for you and we suggest adding or updating this with the Student Service Center.

I need Zoom (web conferencing platform) for a class – can you help?

Yes, The Learning Center has two group study rooms that can be reserved by individuals needing a quiet space for this situation. We have webcams and headphones, with or without microphones available for checkout. If you feel uncomfortable or unsure of the process, make an appointment with a tutor to do a practice session.

Is there a copier and how much does it cost?

A self-service copier is located across from The Learning Center front desk in BH 192. Copies are 10¢ each. The copier does not accept print cards.

Where can I find a scanner?

Just ask at the front desk and we can help you use the copy machine to email a copy to yourself.

Where can I fax?

The Student Service Center on the first floor of Buescher Hall will fax information if it pertains to the academic records (financial aid, transcript, registration, payment information, etc.) of the student.

Lost jump drive?

Check in the area where you left it, i.e. ask at the Library Desk if you were working in the quiet area toward the back, ask at the Learning Center desk if you were on one of the 45 computers. Check with the cashier’s window if you lost it elsewhere.

Can I print if I am not an ECC student? Wi-Fi printing?

Yes. Visit East Central’s Library to check out login information for an ECC computer. Identification is required. The Library will track the pages printed and charge you accordingly (5 cents for black & white and 25 cents for color printing). (**Note: the Library only accepts cash.)

At this time, Wi-Fi printing from your device is not available for Non-ECC individuals.

Guest Wi-Fi?

Yes, we do have Wi-Fi for guests of East Central College. Please visit The Learning Center or Library for a password.