Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why aren’t my classes appearing on Canvas?

Answer: There are several possibilities. Canvas courses are generally available to students on the first day of the semester, but maybe open the week before classes begin or possibly earlier if the instructor is allowing early access to their courses. If the semester has started and you don’t see your Canvas courses, please contact the Online Learning/Canvas Helpdesk as soon as possible. Also keep in mind that if you do not pay your tuition by the required date, you will be dropped from your courses-this includes your Canvas courses! Please bear in mind that not every course you enroll in will have a Canvas component. If your course has a web designation (i.e. web-enhanced, hybrid, or online) then it will likely have a Canvas course component.


Question: What kind of software will I need to complete my Canvas course?

Answer: Basic applications such as word processors, web browsers (these are free), web media players, and plugins (i.e. Flash, Adobe Reader, free PowerPoint viewer, etc…free as well) are recommended. Although a word processor such as Microsoft Word is recommended, any word processor that allows you to save files in Rich Text Format (RTF) should work, as these files are readable by virtually all word processors. Specific information on required Canvas course software can be obtained from your instructor.


Question: What if I’ve been dropped from my Canvas course for non-payment or due to attendance issues or lack of participation? I did a significant amount of work-I plan to re-enroll-will I lose my work?

Answer: Any work you completed in Canvas before you were dropped will return once you officially re-enroll in the course.


Question: Can I just re-enroll by calling the Online Learning/Canvas Helpdesk?

Answer: No. You will need to officially re-enroll in your courses to be added back to any courses you have dropped or any new courses. Online Learning/Canvas Helpdesk staff DO NOT enroll students. The Registration Office can help you with the enrollment process (636-584-6901).


Question: Do I have to come to orientation? How can I tell?

Answer: Some online and hybrid courses require students to come to campus for course-specific orientations. Other courses may utilize online orientations. This is decided by your instructor and can be found by viewing the specific course information in the online course schedule. If you have concerns or questions about the orientation be sure to contact your instructor as they can provide you with detailed information.


Question: I need some help using Canvas?

Answer: Use the Canvas Online Orientation and view the student tutorials and help files to familiarize yourself with Canvas and Canvas-related tasks. You can also call the Online Learning/Canvas Helpdesk (636-584-6609) or email if you have questions about Canvas or online learning in general.


Question: Why does ECC require proctored assessments for web online courses and how much are they worth?

Answer: The main reason for this requirement is to ensure academic integrity through identity verification.  Our accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission, asks us “How do you know the person on the roster is the person completing the work in an online class?”  The best way to answer that question is to require at least one proctored assessment for which student identity may be verified.   Please note that for most courses the value of proctored assessments is roughly 30% of the course grade.  That value may be dispersed among several proctored assessments or based on a proctored final exam. For specific information concerning proctored exams in a particular course please consult the course instructor.


Question: Where can I take my proctored assessments?

Answer: You may take the exam or other assessment at any of our three testing centers.  If you are taking one of our courses from a substantial distance such as a different part of the state, another state or country, you may also arrange to take the exam at another institution, such as another community college or university.  Any site other than one of ECC’s testing centers will require approval from the course instructor, who will verify the authenticity of the substitute testing location.


Question: What if I am unable to come to a physical location to take an exam and I must take my exam from home?

Answer: We are under contract with ProctorU, which is an online proctoring service.  In such cases where a campus visit is not possible, the student will create an account with ProctorU, and may take the exam from home.  The student will incur the cost for this service, roughly $25.00 for a two-hour exam.


Question: How long do I have to complete the proctored assessment?

Answer: Students will have a minimum of one week or five class days.  Saturday morning testing will also be an option at certain times during the semester.  Your instructor will explain the conditions for the exam.  Instructors will also establish the time limit for the actual exam, whether it be one hour, two hours, etc.


Question: What happens when I come to one of the testing centers to take a test?

Answer: You will go to the testing center area of the learning center and show your student ID.  The testing center specialist will give you the exam, (in the case of a paper and pencil exam), or he or she will log you into a computer and enter a password to begin the exam, (in the case of computerized testing).  Your instructor will have communicated the conditions for the exam to you and to the testing center, such as whether you may use your textbooks, calculators, or notes and how long you have to complete the exam.


Question: Can instructors proctor their own assessments?

Answer: Yes.  Instructors may arrange a time to proctor an exam or other assessment. Normally such dates and times will be listed on the course description in the course schedule.


Question: Are proctored exams required for web hybrid courses?

Answer: In web hybrid courses, the assessments may be given during the regularly scheduled class time.  However, some web hybrid courses may include proctored exams if the instructor so chooses.  The requirement for at least one proctored assessment only applies to web online courses.  The instructor for your web hybrid course will explain any such conditions for testing.  The difference is that web hybrid students are “on campus” at least once a week, so a proctored exam in the testing center is a reasonable possibility.


Question: Is there a cost or fee for proctored testing?

Answer: Assessments taken at one of the three ECC testing centers incur no cost to the student.
If you are taking the exam at another institution, such as another community college or university, there may be a cost.  However, ECC has reciprocal arrangements with many institutions, meaning their students test for free at our testing centers and our students test for free at their testing centers.  If you need to take a test somewhere besides ECC, talk to your instructor as soon as possible about how, when, and where you might arrange to take your assessments.
If you are using ProctorU, the fee schedule is listed below.  Keep in mind that ProctorU will only be used if testing at a testing center is not possible.

Proctor U Individual Test Pricing

30 minutes or less   $8.75
31 – 60 minutes    $17.50
61 – 120 minutes    $25.00
121 – 180 minutes    $33.75
181 minutes or more   $42.50