Ready For An Online Course?

Are You Ready For An Online Course?

We want you to succeed in your online coursework. Before enrolling in an online course ask yourself the following:

Are you a self-starter?

In order to keep up in many online courses, you will need to be self-motivated to complete tasks such as assignments, quizzes, and class discussions in a timely manner. Many online activities have specific “open and close” dates, which require completion within a given period of time-just as if you were in a traditional class. Waiting until the end of the semester to “start” a course is simply not possible and will likely result in failure. While online coursework may provide a flexible window for completing activities, you will still need to stay on schedule.

Are you proficient with a computer?

Successfully completing an online course requires proficiency in a variety of computer skills. Make sure you can perform the tasks listed below. If you are deficient in any of these areas, we have resources available to assist you. You may want to reconsider your decision to enroll in a web-based course if you cannot perform most of these tasks-we want you to succeed.

Can you:

  • Manage files and folders on your computer
  • Perform common computing tasks such as copying/cutting, pasting, saving/deleting files, etc…
  • Navigate the Internet using a web browser
  • Use word processing software such as Microsoft Word
  • Use email to send and check email
  • Save files in different formats
  • Use a web search engine to perform research

Have you read East Central College’s Online Learning Agreement?

Please read this document (click here) as it details your responsibilities as an online student. By enrolling in any web online, web blended, web hybrid, web-enhanced, or web-supported course you are accepting the terms of ECC’s Online Learning Agreement.