Getting Help

What if I need help with using Canvas or with basic computer skills?

The Online Learning Helpdesk can assist you with Canvas questions and basic computer skills. It is strongly recommended that you complete the online Canvas Student Orientation and familiarize yourself with Canvas.

Getting help with technical issues or questions.

It is essential that you contact us as soon as you encounter an issue. Online Learning/Canvas Helpdesk staff will gladly help you with any online learning related issues you may have. Please keep in mind we are limited to issues related to your use of the online learning system. Please see our contact information below.

Online Learning/Canvas Helpdesk

Monday-Sunday 8AM-9PM

(636) 584-6609

What if my work was lost due to a technical issue?

It is important to take precautions due to the possibility of a technical issue. Here are some examples. If you have a series of lengthy discussion boards posts you need to add, consider writing them in a word processor and then pasting them into Canvas. This way if your internet connection to Moodle is interrupted your content is not lost. If you are working on a Canvas quiz, save the quiz using the Canvas quiz save option (click the “Next” button)-just as you would save a Word document or other computer based project.

It is up to your instructor to decide whether technical issues merit additional time or attempts. Instructors will be notified of any Canvas system issues-but the issue may be with your internet connection, weather related, or with your computer hardware/software, etc… Instructors typically give you a window of time to complete online activities-this allows you to work around such issues. If you encounter a problem you should have sufficient time to have it resolved and complete the activity in most cases. Please report any technical issues as soon as possible to your instructor and Online Learning/Canvas Helpdesk staff so they can be addressed.