Moodle Online Orientation


East Central College
Online Student Learning Agreement

Please consider the following before taking an online, hybrid, web enhanced, or web supported course.


Your enrollment in any type of online or web assisted course is considered acceptance of this agreement.


  1. I have continuous access to a functional, capable computer and internet connection. I have the appropriate software required for my online course-all ECC computers have the appropriate software.
  2. I have access to a “broadband” or high-speed internet connection. I understand that having a dial-up connection may seriously limit my ability to complete an online, or hybrid web course. DSL, satellite, and cable are examples of broadband connections.
  3. I understand the importance of reporting any technical issues to the Moodle Helpdesk or course instructor as soon as possible. I accept that there may be periods when the online learning system is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance or technical issues. The College will make every effort to maintain continuous availability of the online learning system. The Moodle Helpdesk may be contacted at or (636) 584-6609.
  1. I take responsibility for any activities I am assigned online. Instructors, at their discretion, may make exceptions due to technical issues. I understand the importance of backing up my work, saving my online work when possible, and copying my work to multiple locations when feasible.
  2. I have used eCentral to register for class, check my grades, access my personal information or review my transcript.
  3. Based on previous enrollment or my placement test results, I have completed or I am not required to enroll in EN 0103 (College Content Reading), EN 0203 (Reading Comprehension), or EN 0133 (Introduction to Writing).
  4. I can send and receive emails and handle attachments, via download or upload.
  5. I am proficient in the use of a word processing program and have keyboarding experience.
  6. I have experience in downloading software or documents; I am comfortable in accessing the Internet and using web browsers.
  7. I am capable of downloading and installing the tools necessary to fully access my online class.
  8. I know my username and password information to access my online class.
  1. I will not upload any copyrighted or illegal files to the Moodle learning system.


  • I will conduct myself appropriately in discussion forums, chats, email, or any other communication settings/tools used in the Moodle online learning system.
    I understand that inappropriate comments will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the course or other disciplinary actions as needed. As a general rule, anything that is not acceptable in the traditional classroom environment is similarly not acceptable in the online environment and is a violation of the ECC Academic Honor Code.


  • I understand that my activity on the Moodle online learning system is automatically   logged and that instructors may at any time review my Moodle student activity logs to investigate allegations or suspicions of cheating or other violations of the Online Student Learning Agreement.


  • When I am in an online or a traditional classroom, I understand I will comply with all the terms of the ECC Academic Honor Code.