Roadmap to Success

Roadmap to Success
These pathways simplify the transfer of college credit
and reduce the need to retake courses.
Arts and Humanities Arts & Humanities
The Arts and Humanities pathway introduces students to the history of ideas that have defined cultures through a study of the visual arts, literature, theatre, music and media. Students may choose to pursue an Associate of Fine Arts in Art or Music, or an Associate of Arts with emphasis in English, Journalism/Mass Media, Music or Theatre to prepare for a bachelor’s degree. Learn more about the Arts & Humanities Pathway  
  • English/Technical Communication B.S.*
  • Multidisciplinary Studies B.A.
  • Philosophy B.S.

Business Business
The Associate of Arts Business pathway is designed for students to learn critical thinking, communication skills and a strong understanding in business ethics. The pathway introduces students to the many skills required to get noticed by today’s business leaders and prepares students for a bachelor’s degree. Learn more about the Business Pathway  
  • Business & Management Systems B.S.*
  • Information Science & Technology B.S.

Social Science Social Science
The Social Science pathway explores the connections between such fundamental concerns as human development, social behavior and historical analysis. Students may choose tracks in History/Political Science, Psychology or Sociology. In today’s modern world of big data, businesses and industries are looking for individuals who are skilled at thinking critically and providing shrewd analysis. Learn more about the Social Science Pathway  
  • Economics B.A./B.S.*
  • History B.A./B.S.*
  • Psychology B.A./B.S.*

The Associate of Arts STEM pathway (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) serves broad student interest in the hard sciences, with focused programs in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physical science and engineering technology. A variety of four-year and advanced degree options within the STEM field are available, and these may lead to a wide array of potential careers. Learn more about the STEM Pathway  
  • Applied Mathematics B.S.*
  • Biological Sciences B.A.*/B.S.
  • Chemistry B.A.*/B.S.
  • Computer Science B.S.
  • Engineering B.S.
    (15 degrees available)
  • Environmental Science B.S.**
  • Geology & Geophysics B.S.
  • Physics B.S.*

Education Education
The Education pathway is designed as a teaching and learning community committed to providing educational experiences in partnership with area schools. Students are prepared with the knowledge base and specialized skills to become a reflective practitioner. Students will complete the Associate of Arts in Teaching to prepare for a bachelor’s degree. Learn more about the Education Pathway  
  • Education B.S.
    (Elementary & Middle School Emphasis Areas Available)
  • B.A. – Bachelor of Arts
  • B.S. – Bachelor of Science
  • * Secondary Teaching Emphasis Available
  • ** Pending Approval